The schools literally could be speaking to the agents for the same coaches today. So who do you think USC ends up with? And UCLA?

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  • NoMercy

    Do Some Research And Let Us Know What You Find Out.

  • Golden Trojan

    UCLA is a basketball school, USC is a football school. Unless Haden can really sell it, USC will get UCLA’s sloppy seconds on this one.

    • rusoviet

      You’re wrong – expectations are admittedly higher at UCLA but there ability to pay top $ for such is getting harder unless some alumni step up with some big bucks.

      USC on the other hand has little history if at all but to be offered a 10 year deal to make it into a credible program all on the selected candidate’s watch is very compelling which is why the advantage here is USC

      • Gold-Troj is right, tappette!!

      • Golden Trojan

        Haden does have the ability to pay, O’Neil got top 15 salary. Just saying in general one is a bb school and the other is considered a football school. It’s up to Haden to land a top coach and change the thinking. Can’t see Howling, he’s used goods.

        • ThaiMex

          Please edit your post to….”the other USED to be considered a football school”.

          so…it’s up to Haden to change the thinking? LIP STICK ON A PIG again? I thought the solution to SUCks basketball problems was the lack of an on campus facility? How many coaching changes have you had (with the same results) over the last ten years?
          LOSE ON! (you can’t possibly be serious with anything you wrote)

      • Spedjones

        Maybe Dr Buss will pony up. Oops…

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    • NoMercy

      Must Be Your Herpes Virus Acting Up Again.

      • I hope it’s cancer. Pllleeeeaaassseee be cancer.

    • rusoviet

      Tapette show it to the throng….dere’ it iz sugah’ you de man opps I mean the wo-man….hmmmmm just a little clown who couldn’t get in to USC and settled for someplace else like Cal State Jo’ Momma Cal State Gay