What About Memphis Coach Josh Pastner?

His name comes up regarding the USC job and his roots are at a Pac-12 school (Arizona). But Pastner’s known more as a hustler than a coach in some circles and I’m not sure that’s what Pat Haden wants right now.

He will attract players, But is he the best fit for the job?

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  • Look, most of these coaches don’t have to have players who can actually read, USC does, so how well would they recruit at USC ? It’s not hard to recruit to a school with academic standards worse than the local JC.

    • You have no clue what you’re talking about…..at least do a little research before you run your mouth and make yourself look like a moron. Here is a little fact for you. U of M student athlete APR rating. Men’s Basketball University of Memphis, TN 2010 – 2011 1000

      • Memphis ?? HAHAHAHAHAHA, they all major in how to be a criminal

    • Bill

      Without the local JC (LA Trade Tech), there wouldn’t be any eligible athletes! It is amazing that after 4 years of Spanish, none can speak or read Spanish. Let alone being able to read English!