A Question About Ben Howland

Since he seems to be interested in the USC job, is it a fair question to ask if it matters that he often comes across as difficult to deal with? And I’m not talking about the media but quite a few people in the UCLA athletic dept. dreaded dealing with him.

Should that be a factor in hiring a coach? Or does it only matter if he wins? This is something for Pat Haden to consider, especially as he works to soften Lane Kiffin’s image.

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  • Wow, no grammatical errors. Way to go Wolf.

  • How many people dreaded dealing with Garrett? Dread dealing with Kiffin ? Howland will not get the SC job, they will settle for some youth coach.

  • Spedjones

    LOL – SC taking UCLA’s sloppy seconds. Laugh ON!

    • Swoll Francis

      macklemore has made it cool

    • Big deal. you did. I had your wife first.

    • TrojanFamily

      Shh. The adults are talking

  • Serrano

    We do not want or need Ben Howland (who has not only angered people inside the UCLA athletic department but a whole host of high school and AAU coaches. No thanks. Ben needs to leave LA.

  • marvgoux1

    First we take the drunk reject from Arizona and now we are considering a reject from fucla? When did our self esteem go into the gutter? That rah rah Cowherd was saying on Mike and Mike that the SC job is better than the fucla job but he seems to be the only one who believes it.

    • rusoviet

      Why does Cowherd’s view surprise you? There are little expectations at USC thus a decent coach can look forward to some decent job security if he doesn’t, as noted, go ballistic in public.

      Contrast that with the bel-arians – this is the sole item that gives them any national significance – nothing else – the poor mopes in Guerrero’s office have to find someone anyone that can make them look like they once did because ‘jonnie”s shrine and spear carriers will not settle for anything less.

      • Bill

        I don’t recall any national significance other than women’s swimming out of SuC! Ooops, I forgot, there was deflated balls and going from No. 1 preseason to not getting a single vote in the polls!
        Btw, the CSUN job is better than the SuC job. CSUN has larger attendance than SuC!

        • CheattheSystem

          Ucla has had a crowd of over 10,000 4 times in 5 years?

          • TrojanFamily

            He’s a troll. Don’t confuse him with facts.

        • TrojanFamily

          Shh. The adults are talking today. Go back to your room to play.

    • ThaiMex

      Cowherd????? You must be kidding. Wasn’t it “COLON”, who said, prior to the start of last years football season, “Lane Kiffen is the Best coach in College Football”? As for SUCks being a better job than UCLA…ask any of the past coaches at SUCks (Bibby, O’Neil, Floyd, etc) what they think, then compare what they have to say with the opinions of past U.C.L.A. Coaches
      (Lavin, Howland, Harrick, etc). COWHERD is a classic Southern Cal HONK, nothing more, nothing less. You used to own the Police,…now you only OWN Cowherd!
      fit on Torgan knuckle draggin’ Lady Punchers!

      • Boring

      • TrojanFamily

        Shhh. The adults are talking

    • TrojanFamily

      Actually that statement is more about how unattractive the UCLA is now, with the level of expectations that are not matched by level of pay or resources from the athletic department, than it is about USC. Neither job is very attractive to the hot coaches in the college ranks. I doubt either hire will be all that interesting or generate any real buzz.

  • JUST WIN BABY! Your not here to make friends, your here to develop and move kids on to the next level.. If you are winning, everything else comes second!