Matt Barkley Recap

The QB completed 56 of 62 passes with two drops and four overthrown passes, mostly on deep balls.
“It felt good to be back here,” Barkley said. “A lot of the proof is in the tape.”

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  • what the scouts apparently don’t know is that with any MINIMAL pressure–such as C-Buck applying an outside rush– those numbers go down to 7 of 62!!!

    • TrojanFamily

      Shh. Little Chuckle Bucket. I put on your Happy Elves DVD. Now sit back in your car seat and watch. The adults need their own time.

  • betomas

    This is what will happen. The scouts are gonna be all jazzed for a bit on MB now that he simply looked healthy today. He was well-coached in one way: he was drilled in terms of what he needed to say to the media and that he had to be really positive and he did just that. Good for him. His debacle last season could have cost him a decent draft pick. But who knows, these NFL scouts and coaches have long memories and MB7 did a lot to undermine his stock last season. Either way, I’m looking forward to the next qb…MB caused a lot of unnecessary headaches last year.

    • Cheap seats

      MB cause a lot of unnecessary headaches?? What???

      If anything, they tried to ride his arm too much! Horrible defense, no emphasis on the run game, no offensive line, too many pass plays called for Lee, too many WR screen passes, etc.

      By comparison, look at what FRESHMAN QB Marriota was able to do at Oregon where they rarely put the game in his hands. He had close to a 3-1 TD/INT ratio. Scheme and playcalling can go a LONG way.

      • betomas

        You’ve got a point that they rode his art too much, but his play was subpar as the season unfolded. Part to blame is Kiff for insisting on throwing to Lee all season, but Barkley missed several crucial plays and his increased interceptions speak for themselves. I don’t think you can say that Barkley never made you want to pull out your hair with the interceptions and the way he played several of his last few games.

        • Cheap seats

          Agreed… 2012 Barkley was a far cry from 2011 Barkley.

          He also seemed to look overweight during the season. Especially after watching the press conference after the Stanford loss, I think he underestimated how tough the road was going to be to get another NC and heisman.

          • betomas

            Exactly. Well put.