Can Matt Barkley Emulate Peyton Manning?

A few years ago, Peyton Manning showed up at USC one day to work out while in Los Angeles. He worked out with USC’s receivers on Cromwell Field and put on a display with his accuracy and arm strength.

Matt Barkley’s workout on the same field yesterday did not show the same arm strength or accuracy. NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock said Manning’s arm is not as strong as Joe Flacco but that Barkley needs to rely on the same things that make Manning successful.

“Peyton Manning is a great quarterback because of his timing, anticipation and accuracy,” Mayock said. “Those are the qualities Barkley can succeed with. It’s all about timing, anticipation and accuracy.”

  • Charles Bucket

    uh….ahem….one other thing that makes a great QB is… LEADERSHIP!!!

    the Pious Passer couldn’t lead a fat guy to a box of doughnuts!!

    ZERO 4th Qtr comebacks in a FOUR YEAR CAREER!!!

    even the trOXan Freshman were calling out the Pious Passer as a crummy leader!!

    the FRESHMAN!!!

    • Ben Doverz

      No, he could lead a fat guy to a box of doughnuts

    • TrojanFamily

      Shh. Little Chuckle Bucket. Today the adults are talking. Go back to your room and read your comic books.

  • m00t

    I thought you were going to blame it on the turf again

  • Ben Doverz

    Matty Mcfatty will get drafted, most likely in the 2nd round, he will not start, probably play sparingly and then retire to lead a Christian group in Africa or Haiti.

    • Joe Blow

      Totally agree….but might make the end of the first round.

  • Spedjones

    Lost in this discussion is that Pic 6 Barkley had to go to UCLA for pre-pro-day prep. Mazzone is apparently the only guy in town who can help him.

    • m00t

      lol Pic 6? I didn’t know Mazzone was a photographer.

  • betomas

    Is this a joke? There aren’t many ways that MB7 can emulate Peyton. MB7 just wasn’t that good, plain and simple. If he have a decent career in the NFL, he should praise God.