Former Duke Coach Gail Goestenkors Emerges As Women’s Basketball Candidate

Goestenkors took Duke to the national title game twice and was ACC coach of the year seven times. She resigned at Texas in 2012 and took last season off. Goestenkors and former USC women’s coach Cynthia Cooper are now the frontrunners for the job.

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  • Are you saying that Cynthia Cooper and Gail Goestenkors are the women who are candidates for the mens coaching job, or they are the candidates for the womens coaching job?

    • Golden Trojan

      Read the title, Women’s BB candidate.

      • The point was improper phrasing by Wolf.

    • Reading is fundamental Willy

  • Golden Trojan

    GG had a good run at Duke, not so good at Texas. Cooper has baggage from her first coaching gig.


    Jeeze, who gives a crap about Women’s BB?

  • Hire Gail not Cynthia

    • gotroy22

      Gail is the no brainer choice over the cheater.