McShay On Matt Barkley

Here’s what ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay said about USC quarterback Matt Barkley’s Pro Day, which McShay attended.

“The big question was his shoulder. He’s fine now,” McShay said. “I think he’s a late first-round pick.”

He also spoke about West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith: “He’s the only quarterback I feel confident about that belongs in the first round.”

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  • ThaiMex

    McShay was misquoted….What he really said was…”The big question is that thing on top of his shoulders”. “He’s a blind sow!”. “I think he’s a waste. 1st round pick, My A$$!”
    fit on torgans (especially you knuckle draggin’ women beaters)

  • you’re dead on, once again, Thai!!

    if any team takes the Pious Passer in the first round, i’d have to thing they got a bona fide Dummy as a GM!!!

    i am betting these GM’s are well versed on the Cadre’s comments on the Pious Passer!!! NO COMEBACK WINS in FOUR YEARS!!!