Florida Gulf Coast Coach Andy Enfield Comment Today

Here’s what Florida Gulf Coast coach Andy Enfield said today according to the Fort Myers, Fla., News-Press.

“I’m not going to comment or speculate on anything,” Enfield said. “We had a game to play last night and we were totally focused on that. I understand the speculation is part of the business.”

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  • uscbkbfuture

    Hopkins is the best choice. But with Korn-Ferry conducting the search, anything could happen. Hopefully somewhere in the mix there is a basketball mind involved. We’re hiring a basketball coach, not an administrator or dean. The ability to recruit is the key to success. Especially with local ties considering all of the local talent available. One would assume that any candidate considered meets all of the other criteria.

  • Golden Trojan

    Steve Alford is UCLA’s new coach. He gets $2.6mil, was gonna get $2mil @ New Mexico. Kiffin gets $2.4, O’Neil got $1.7mil. Hopkins gets $800K, Enfield is gonna get $300k. Marshall is still alive, just beat Ohio St, he gets $1.15mil. Haden is gonna have to wait to make an offer to Hopkins or Marshall. What’s Haden able to offer the new coach? Can he get Hopkins or Marshall?

    • Alford is gonna find out PDQ that 2.6 in LA won’t go as far as 2 mil in NM

  • uscbkbfuture

    The smart move here is to hire Hopkins somewhere north of $1 mil and put the rest into marketing the program. We need to rebrand USC basketball to the demographics that will fill Galen and build a following. Hopkins will bring in the players and build the program. The support team needs to get creative and do whatever it takes to fill the place up. Even when we had runs deep into the tournament a few years ago we still averaged only 5 to 6 thousand. Fast pace, great defense, big name pre-season opponents and winning will help. Hopkins would bring that. But it will take the entire school getting behind the program to make Galen the place to be.

    • ThaiMex

      Anybody know what happend to that can of BULL$HIT repellant…
      Typical torgan B.S……but fit on anyway!

      • thefukutalkinbout