Even USC Should Be Able To Hire Andy Enfield

Consider some of the things Florida Gulf Coast does not have like all the other Sweet 16 basketball programs.

1.) A shoe deal with Nike or Adidas. Florida Gulf Coast buys its own equipment and gear because it has no sponsors.

2.) A fully staffed coaching and administrative staff. USC does not lack when it comes to hiring people for sports.

3.) Florida Gulf Coast’s Alico Arena seats 4,500. The Galen Center seats 10,258.

Looks like even USC should be able to close this deal.

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  • uscbkbfuture

    I’m sure he is a good coach. But what’s hot today usually cools down once the light comes up. If you absolutely will not hire an assistant ( which in this case would be very short sighted) then your best bet is Floyd. At least he has local recruiting ties and has proven he can win at this school consistently. Quit trying to go for the prettiest candidate and go with someone who will get the job done. Pat Haden and Steve Lopes are smart administrators and one would think they would figure this one out. It’s obvious for whatever reason (both logical and not) they really don’t want to bring Floyd back for a second round (John Robinson comes to mind). There is no logical reason why Hopkins is not at the top of the list. Right man for the right job at the right time. Opportunity knocks. The question is are you smart enough to take advantage of it.

    • Floyd is dirty, Haden was hired to clean up the image. Hopkins is probably the right choice but ………….

      • Agree, but so far Haden has proved to be a putz

        • rusoviet

          Hey ‘joe’ you’re the ‘Lewinsky’ in all this Echo and the bunnymen i.e. ‘bedbugs and ballyho’ oh you’re still coy?

          Ok here’s a hint white bread ‘…down on your knees again…” There you are sailor – now take charge!

  • Nemesis

    Enfield would be a reach. Surely USC could do better and get a more established coach with more of a track record.

  • TrojanFamily

    Way to troll your own board, wuff. From now on I refuse to pronounce the l. “Even USC should be able to hire Andy Enfield”. Is that like ” Even the LA Daily News should be hire someone with a modicum of objectivity and talent?” Better work on your barista skills. When the Daily News decides it can pay more than minimum wage, you’ll be making me a nonfat latte.

  • Bill

    But, Florida Gulf Coast plays in front of larger crowds!

    • TrojanFamily

      Bill, my friend, you need to go back to troll school. You’ve once again failed your troll test. No Troll Left Behind is failing you terribly

  • ThaiMex

    FGC seats 4,500…..So.Cal 10,258, but is LUCKY to get 4,000 in the Bldg. Enfield = Lipstick on a Pig.
    SUCks Basketball = Jumbo Shrimp/Army Intelligence
    fit on torgans

    • Boring

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Oh, Hi Thai.

    • TrojanFamily

      Thai = Chuckles’ disappointing his mother’s dreams for him as a child