Matt Barkley To Work Out For Buffalo Bills

The Bills were conspicuous in their absence at USC Pro Day because they need a QB and draft eighth. So Barkley seems a candidate if Geno Smith is already gone. But they will meet Barkley on Monday.

If Smith is gone, would Buffalo take Barkley? Respected NFL draft analyst Mike Mayock says Barkley is a late-first round pick.

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  • OMG!!! southern cal is the Buffalo BIlls of the NCAA!!!! a perfect match!!!

    who else but the Pious Passer could help them rebuild their CHampeenship-less DYNASTY???? what incredible SERENDIPITY-DOO-DAH this is!!!

    the sight of the Pious Passer in a BIlls uni..oh LET IT HAPPEN!!!


    • TrojanFamily

      Do you sniff Elmer’s glue or do you hold out for the industrial strength brands?

      • Cheap seats

        Actually, it’s an industrial strength enema.

  • Cheap seats

    I watched some film of the pro day and am wondering if there’s a certain amount of “zip” missing on MB’s throws.

    He even told a reported that he felt his shoulder “slip” a few times? I think he was better off just pretending he was 100%. That shoulder would concern me if I were a GM after hearing that.