Minnesota Also Wants Andy Enfield

A Minnesota TV station reports the Gophers are interested in Florida Gulf Coast coach Andy Enfield. Minnesota is a savvy athletic dept. as athletic director Norwood Teague hired Shaka Smart at VCU. And Teague knows Enfield already through a coaching network program started at VCU called Villa 7.

Things are getting interesting. Let’s see who acts fastest.

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  • rusoviet

    Well if Enfield chooses MN over USC then so be it. LA is LA and save for NY there is nothing else in the USA and considering Alford going from NM to ‘bel-air’ Enfield ‘knows’ this is a once in a life time shot – big stage – ‘if’ Haden signs Enfield then good luck ‘bel-airians’ – ‘johnnie woodie’ and his ilk can go worship ‘vin dawg’ chevrolet ‘aka the skull’ and the other spear carriers for the same – JFK – RFK.

    This is an excellent move by Troy and will distill to the trashing of:

    U – Clowns – Lost – A-gain

    U Clowns Lost A-gain gain gain gain.

    • Minnie may not be LA, but their BB program is a lot better than USC. And, a $2 to 3 million deal in Minnesota goes a lot farther than it does in Cali.

      • rusoviet

        True ($ in MN vs. southern CA) ‘but’ weather is also a factor and this guy has been in Ft. Myers for a while where the Summers are truly brutal. Nothing beats our weather

  • uscbkbfuture

    Enfield would be a better fit for Minnesota from a recruiting standpoint. His path will eventually lead him back to the NBA. We need someone who will build our program and who is entrenched in the college game. It’s not going to happen overnight. Hopkins remains the best candidate from both a short term and long term perspective.

  • uscbkbfuture

    Hopefully Haden and Lopes are smart enough to realize that they can’t put all of their available resources into over paying the new coach and have nothing left for everything else that needs to be done with the program. The new coach is critical, but the basketball is just one part of the puzzle. It may be a big part, but a great looking car without an engine and no tires is just a shell that will look good sitting in the garage. We need to get out on the road and have everyone chasing us.