USC Interested In Florida Gulf Coast’s Andy Enfield

That is what Yahoo Sports is reporting today. Enfield is a hot name right now. One has to wonder what USC’s vision for basketball is because who really watched Enfield until the past week-or-so?

USC knows Florida Gulf Coast beat Georgetown. Does it know Florida Gulf Coast lost twice to Lipscomb?

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  • uscbkbfuture

    Enfield: nice guy, beautiful wife and has all the credentials to be an NBA Head Coach or GM some day. College basketball is about recruiting. Hopkins has all of the upside and he will be able to hit the ground running on bringing in top recruits, which leads to regular tourney appearances, which leads to a full Galen center. You need to build a program with a strong foundation. Putting a multi-million dollar roof on a duplex just won’t hold up. It will crumble under its own weight. The first step was Galen. Now build the program.

    • Florida Gulf Coast doesn’t have the academic requirements that USC does, this guy can recruit mumbling morons to FGC, he can’t do that at USC

      • ThaiMex

        Gag Me! U Stupid Clowns are right up there with Ariz. St. when it comes to academic standards. You’ve become a diploma factory, a place where “special admits” can thrive.

        fit on LIMBO U, where lower admission standards continue to go……..LOWER!

        • Well, that maybe true but for sure a moron like you couldn’t get into either institution…

          • TrojanFamily

            It’s not true. But don’t confuse Chuckles.

  • Yahoo = msnbc, cbnn, abc, cbs, nbc CLUELESS

  • He’d be the one coach who has a hotter wife than Kiffin.

    • Who says Kiffins wife is hot?

      • TrojanFamily

        Any man with eyesight.

    • lol i just saw this

  • I love how every blog entry has a slant, especially if Scotty doesn’t like what others are saying. Of course no one watched FGCU games till now, they aren’t on TV/promoted and they are not in a major conference. How many Wichita State games were watched compared to FGCU? yup.

    • TrojanFamily

      Wuff is a clown. Ronald McWuff