The Buzz On Andy Enfield

Here’s the good: Dunk City comes West, which means recruits will want to play his up-tempo style of play and like his charismatic personality. People in the athletic dept. might actually care about basketball now that they are invested in the hire.

Here’s the questions: He has little head-coaching experience and won 2 games in the NCAA Tournament that suddenly made him a great coach. Exactly when did Pat Haden know who Enfield even was?

And he has little-to-no knowledge of the West Coast, which could hamper recruiting.

8 thoughts on “The Buzz On Andy Enfield

  1. This is a good hire. His up-tempo style and personality will mesh well with the players, almuni, and fans. You can’t hire someone at the top of their game and you don’t want to hire a retread. He’s a rising star and has a hot wife to compete with Layla.

    • Wouldn’t having Wolf hang around recruits breathing trough his mouth hamper recruiting as well?

  2. This is a good hire because you really have no idea if it’s a bad hire or not. Nobody even knew who the heck this guy was 2 weeks ago, including SC’s search team. Could be great, or it could be a nightmare – fortunately for SC, you really won’t know for a while.

      • I know enough to know this was a desperation hire. Could be great, could be a disaster. Time will tell.

        • How is hiring a coach who was on the wish list of multiple schools a desperation hire? A young coach with a great style and the ability to succeed under adverse conditions is a desperation hire?

    • “This is a good hire because you really have no idea if it’s a bad hire…”

      This is pretty good. You should be Mora’s O Coordinator:

      “Coach, this is a good play because you really have no idea if it’s a bad play…”

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