USC Morning Buzz

The USC basketball coaching search lumbers along with the hope a coach will be hired this week. The way it’s going maybe it is a good thing USC did not fire Lane Kiffin after all.

Florida Gulf Coast’s Andy Enfield might speak with the Trojans today. Meanwhile, in football, quarterback Matt Barkley works out for the Buffalo Bills today.

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  • the BILLS!!! you couldn’t make that one up, wolfman!!!

    maybe they can bring Marv levy out of retirement to coach this new prodigy!!!!!

    if the Buffalo Dummies thought they saw under-achieving before, and the inability to win a Champeeenships, despite the best talent, they haven’t seen NUTHIIN’ yet!!!

    the Pious Passer is the most accomplished under-achiever in college football history!! this is truly a match made in football HEAVEN!!!

    thanks for the GUMBALLl wolfman!!!!

    • TrojanFamily

      You truly are a clown, Chuckles. We know who the April Fool is.

  • uscbkbfuture

    With both Hopkins (Syracuse) and Marshall (WS) in the final four, nothing will happen until the season ends. But with mediocrity and playing not to loose slowly creeping in to the major programs at school, with “Fight On” rapidly becoming a relic while we sit back and let the NCAA trample all over us while we let others take up the fight, who knows what will happen? When did we become a follower instead of a leader?

  • Golden Trojan

    The question is will Haden pay the new Basketball Coach more than Kiffin? Alford is getting $2.6 @ FUCLA, Kiffin gets $2.4. If he wants somebody good he’s gonna have to pay up more than the $1.7 O’Neil got.

    • CheattheSystem

      Kiffin makes a couple bucks more than 2.4M…