Who Else Did USC Interview For Basketball Job?

Just to review, USC was interested in Steve Alford (New Mexico at the time), tried to hire Jamie Dixon (Pittsburgh), inquired about Josh Pastner (Memphis) and put out feelers on Shaka Smart (Virginia Commonwealth).

There was also an interview with Syracuse assistant Mike Hopkins (despite a stated desire to hire someone with head-coaching experience) and a courtesy interview with former coach Tim Floyd.

So it was a long path to Andy Enfield. Hopkins nearly got the job by elimination and wouldn’t have created half the buzz.

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  • The hoodrats like to play jungle ball, not robot ball like they do and will do across town. They like to run and dunk, showtime baby. This guy got to the dance with ZERO star recruits, he won’t have that problem at USC. If this milk white cracker can sling the slang in the hood, USC might have finally gotten a good coach.

  • uscbkbfuture

    If buzz only translated into wins. Hope it works out.

  • Golden Trojan

    Would like to know if Marshall of Wichita St was in the mix? If not why not? He has a more proven track record than Enfield. Of course he’s (Marshall) already making $1.15 mil and Haden would have to offer him Alford and Kiffin type money to get him. SC got Enfield for less than O’Neill was getting so that helps the bottom line but not the commitment to BB. How about the SC cinematography dept producing a new reality show, “Coaches Wives Club”! Think of the possibilities!

  • SC is the perfect place to take a flyer on him. IMO he has more upside than Alford, and if it doesn’t work out then it just adds a few more years to the search for a proper replacement of Bob Boyd. A bit of an exaggeration, but you get my point.