Florida Gulf Coast Upset USC Using DunkCityUSC Nickname

Here’s what unhappy FGCU athletic director Ken Kavanagh said at a press conference Tuesday:

“There’s only one Dunk City USA. It’s here in Southwest Florida. I think it’s totally inappropriate for USC to do that. We would not copy somebody else’s well-earned scenario, and I will be sure to let USC know that.”

This story indicates USC athletic director Pat Haden was unconcerned about the matter though new USC basketball coach Andy Enfield was sensitive not to upset his previous school.

“We’ll deal with that,” Enfield said.

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  • Nemesis

    That’s kind of douchy, if I am totally honest. Pat Haden, stop this embarrassment. Let’s just take their coach and that’s the end of it. Stealing their motto is bush league.

  • You know what they should do? Sanction us. Sanction us with their army. Oh wait, they don’t have an army? Then they need to shut the fk up.

  • Give me a break. FGCU? Who the F cares what they think? Aren’t they a JC?

  • Dunk CIty?? someone better tell Renfield he doesn’t have anyone on his new team who CAN dunk….except maybe for Mr Bean who at 7’2″ is still no lock to do it!!!

    how about CHOKE CITY as southern cal’s more rightfully accurate name???

    OH, Chucker-Bucker, you’ve done it AGAIN!!!


    • If KO had stayed, DRUNK CITY.

    • How’d that tourney go for your Bruins again?

      • What? USC won as many games in the tourney as UCLA did? Damn, my local elementary school won as many games in the tourney as UCLA did? I’m glad Bruins NEVER choke.

  • Bill

    FGCU misunderstood. It wasn’t Dunk City, but Drunk City USA for USC!
    Assault On!