Who made a better hire for basketball coach? A lot of the media is claiming USC because of the buzz created by Andy Enfield. But ultimately, style of play is not as important as who wins more games, Enfield or Steve Alford.

What makes more of a difference is who recruits better. UCLA is a basketball school. USC is not despite what it might claims its aspirations are for basketball. If nothing else, Los Angeles really will have polar opposite styles of play. Florida Gulf Coast ranked No. 42 nationally in possessions per game while New Mexico was 222nd.

But Ben Howland’s style of play was criticized and the Bruins still got big-time players. Back to the question: Who made the better hire?


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  • Are you kiddink vith me, Vulfman?? Alfort has a great pedigree!

    Und from vhat I hear, Renfield lost to Lipscolm tvice und he has a vife who is either as goot lookink or almost as goot loookink as “Layla” (whoever zat is)!!!

    AH! AH! AH!

    • Un count vis a cuunt

    • sdog

      Who is “Alfort”?

    • TrojanFamily

      Chuckles, the two have the same number of Sweet 16 appearances. One took the first 15 seed to the sweet 16. The other got bounced by Harvard.

      Oh and your trolling truly suffers when you pull out the Sesame Street characters. You can’t figure out if he is Romanian, Russian, or German. I will admit though, it can’t be offensive if it is that confused.

      I woulda thought you would have supported your bunkmate, Kareem.

  • Steve B.

    The Trojans made the better choice of two Grade B coaches. Alford did very little at Iowa and New Mexico once his teams got in the tournament. Enfield beat the best opponent that either faced in the ncaa, and has the higher upside of the two.

  • Did TMZ start writing this Blog?

    • TrojanFamily

      No, but Wolf dreams of the day Harvey Levin comes calling and hires him away from the SF Valley Daily News

  • marvgoux1

    Has it been 4 years since Daniel Hackett fumbled away the tying layup under the basket against Michigan State and then the NCAA came calling for Tim Floyd? There is nothing left here but rubble after 3 years of probation and the drunk coach. Andy can rebuild us. Great hire!

  • Sam C

    Whatever. Lets hope both can freaking coach

  • Gilligan

    At the moment I would say it is a draw, Enfield has limited HC experience and Alford has not had major NCAA success. Enfield brings a more entertaining style of b-ball but at the same time Alford could flourish if he is able to recruit strong players. I think the recruiting battles will be very interesting, play for a coach with a high flying style or for a school with strong tradition.

  • ThaiMex

    Crowds of 4,000 are typical at Fig Tech and that won’t change, neither will the sub 500 records. As long as there’s all those fabulous “Special Admits”, nothing will change over at LIMBO U. The So Cal Legacy of under achieving is etched in stone and as my pal, Billy Joel once said….”Don’t go changing, I love you just the way you are”.
    fit on torgans, punchers and all

    • TrojanFamily

      Chuckles, on behalf of the Trojan community, let me formally apologize for the school rejecting your application for admission. While the sub 800 SATs were a factor, your random capitalized words felt just too much like a serial killer. We feared for the safety of the student body. Additionally, sending us the photo of you exposing yourself to the statue of Tommy Trojan showed what we refer to as “just a little too much school spirit.” Our female program assistant always laughs and repeats the word little when we relate that story.

      Please accept our sincerest regrets and, if you wouldn’t mind too terribly, we’d appreciate if you’d stop washing our windows with old newspaper and asking for a dollar.

      The Trojan Family

  • Bill

    Colin Cowherd is not considered a lot of the media!

  • Nemesis

    Enfield is a total flying leap, a swing at the fences hire. Alford is a known quantity with a proven track record. Only time will tell.

    One this is for sure, if this wasn’t USC basketball, no way USC takes a flier on an unproven coach. Just think if this was, say next year, when we hire a new football coach. We’ll be hiring an “alford” type guy rather than an “enfield” type guy.