USC Morning Buzz

New USC basketball coach Andy Enfield sets foot on campus today after flying in from Florida on Tuesday. Here’s my story on Enfield and A.D. Pat Haden’s initial comments on the hiring.

“It’s important I have some kind of representation from California on my staff,” said Enfield.

Meanwhile, former USC baseball coach Mike Gillespie returned to campus and once again led UC Irvine past his alma mater, 3-1.


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  • ThaiMex

    RedNeck Enfield might want to start by reading this…advisor/lessons-wooden-leadership-discipline-teamwork-232005266.html
    from the first page of Yahoo today.

    You don’t want to start off like Goat Boy…
    fit on torgans

    • Is that the one Wooden wrote about Sam Gilbert?

    • Boring

  • gotroy22

    What is he pointing at, the Giant Felix Chevrolet? Shouldn’t he be saying “Fight on!”?

    • TrojanFamily

      Or he is saying “that’s the guy who exposed himself to me” and pointing at Chuckles the Clown

    • He’s pointing to his wife ” Can you believe I got that ? “

    • Swoll Francis

      “You, Wolf! There’s the door!”

  • even the Ooma Loompas were laughing Enfield’s remark : “Southern Cal is one of the best jobs in the counrty!!!”

    maybe it USED to be in FOOTBALL, DUMMY!!! but it is much like Kentucky football…wrong sport, sport!!!

    anyways, Lipscolm chased this guy out of the “Whatever League”!!! he’s gonna go up against REAL coaches now!!! Bounce Pass, you really screwed this up!!!

    • Much like Fucla Basketball?

    • TrojanFamily

      Haters gotta hate