A Big Opportunity For Darreus Rogers

With wide receiver George Farmer out for the season after tearing his ACL during practice Tuesday, who becomes the Trojans’ No. 3 receiver?

De’von Flournoy? Victor Blackwell? Darreus Rogers?

Based on his strong early spring and Lane Kiffin’s penchant for the new, I’d say Rogers is in a prime position to emerge as the Trojans’ No. 3 receiver next season.

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  • Ben Factor

    When Rogers first signed his LOI in 2012, a long-time scout rated him on a par with co-signee Nelson Agholor. Of course, Agholor has a lot of college experience now. But Rogers isn’t emerging from out of nowhere.

    I would guess that the issue for Rogers will be blocking and other non-glamor work. In that, you suspect that the edge would go to the other two, especially Flournoy.

    I saw a short video of the WRs practicing, and Blackwell looked particularly quick, even by comparison. I don’t know anything about his speed, hands, ball-tracking, leaping ability, or arm/hand strength. But If that video was representative, he will be very hard to cover without allowing separation. He looked to have very quick-twitch muscles.

    And don’t forget Mitchell. Several freshmen WRs have done well in the last few years. šŸ™‚ He’s a bright kid, and might be a quick study.

  • ThaiMex

    O.K……I call BULL$HIT…. “He looked to have very quick-twitch muscles”.??????
    WTF are you talking about? “VERY QUICK TWITCH MUSCLES”????? Congrats Dr. Factor, you’ve just added an entirely new way to classify fast/slow twitch muscle fibers! (What next…”Super Duper Quick”, or Light Speed Quick?, Get Spock and Capt. Kirk on the phone, let’s see how they did it ….the Sky is the limit!!!)

    Must be that terrific University of Stupid Children Edumacation you got!
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    • TrojanFamily

      You somehow get dumber with every post you make. Three or four more and you’ll just drool onto your keyboard

    • TrojanFan

      How fuking lame can one get?….

      Something is seriously wrong with this a$$hole