Attendance At Andy Enfield Press Conference Required

The entire football coaching staff showed up at Andy Enfield’s press conference today. Why? Because they were told to show up. A similar thing happened at last week’s Pro Day.

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  • NoMercy


  • sweeet scoopin’ wolfman!!

    the Dummies don’t catch some of your more sublte stuff though.

    Dummies: wolfman is saying that the coaching staff doesn’t care about Renfield, Bounce Pass is just trying to force the appearance of unity!!

  • Golden Trojan

    If you practice unity you will eventually get unity.

    • thats what they said at Jonestown, the Heavens Gate rented mansion and at the Branch Davidian compound!!

      • TrojanFamily

        and the cadre inside chuckle bucket’s head

      • ThaiMex

        Right on and FIT ON all you KOOL AID drinking nomads! Drink and you will be freeeeeeeeeeee! There’s a reason they call it LIMBO U!
        fit on torgans!

        • TrojanFamily

          Chuckles, you call it Limbo U. “They” refers to your threesome with Palmela and Handrea.

          • betomas

            Give it a rest, BandwagonFan. Same lame 5th grade jokes, different name. You should really consider adding that outdated helmet u use under your other TFail name to this one…Poor, poor dude.

            Fight On!!

          • TrojanFan

            You’re not sure who you are chasing after around here, confused as usual…..hahaha!

            Why must a USC hater, like yourself, continue to pollute this blog, hypocrite!

            I’m waiting for your typical lame a$$ reply

            PS ….willie wonka is beyond stale!!!!!

      • It’s also what Wooden said, right before he handed his players some cash.

      • It’s also what Wooden said, right before he handed his players some cash.

  • betomas

    They showed up, but do you really think Kiff gave a rat’s assh? He was probably comparing Enfield’s wife to Layla the entire time he was there and wondering if the Enfield’s swing.

  • old_trojan_93

    Means NOTHING unless Layla took a photo with Amanda.