ESPN Draft Guru Mel Kiper’s Projection On Matt Barkley

Here’s where ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper said Wednesday he projected USC quarterback Matt Barkley.

“Matt Barkley, obviously late first, early second,” Kiper said.

Didn’t Kiper say in 2009 that Barkley would be the No. 1 pick in the draft in three years?

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  • jetman624

    That was obviously before we found out he wasn’t *that* good…

  • late first round?? does he know the Pious Passer NEVER led a 4th Qtr comeback in FOUR FULL SEASONS??

    if Mel read wolfman’s blog mare carefully, he would KNOW THIS!!

    • TrojanFamily

      And he’d know you’ve never been laid

    • TrojanFan

      Get some new material, same fuking shlt. What is wrong with you, normal people don’t act like this. Get a life, job,and girlfriend, and quit trolling this blog 24/7, you should be embarrassed

    • TrojanFan

      Get some new material, same lame a$$ shlt, post after post. Normal people don’t act like you.Try getting a life, job, and a girlfriend, and quit trolling this blog 24/7. You should be embarrassed, but since you lack of type of self-respect it’s an emotion you’re incapable of feeling

  • Golden Trojan

    Don’t we all wish we were in MB’s shoes today, looking at a big fat pay day!

  • Chandler

    Is the writer of this blog a graduate of USC? I really do not understand why he is so consistently critical of everything that goes on with the football program. Relax man, you are really pouring it on for no reason.

  • Bill

    Cheaty Petey and Lame Kitten prepared Barkley so well for the NFL that he had to go to UCLA’s quarterback guru to get assistance!
    SuC On!

    • TrojanFamily

      Ladies and Gentleman, Dane Cook!

  • Ben Factor

    I can’t believe that Mel couldn’t, in 2009, foresee all pertinent factors about 18-year-old Barkley that might come into play by 2012. Any scout will tell you that it’s child’s play to predict the development of QBs, both as draft picks and as professional players.

    Now, if Scott is asking why Mel engaged in pointless, idle speculation, I think that’s a good question to direct to many sports journalists.