Safety Su’a Cravens Tears Meniscus

Cravens, a star of spring practice, will undergo knee surgery and be sideline 4-6 weeks. Lane Kiffin said 22 players are out with injuries and he will not be able to practice this physical during the actual season.

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  • Johnny D.Formed

    Here’s an idea, stop physical practicing! Re-evaluate your practice and conditioning strategy. Here’s a recap of this spring:

    Silas Red – Knee surgery
    George Farmer – Knee Surgery
    Sua Cravens – Knee Surgery

    Use some common sense, jeez

    • Bring back Chris Carlile (sp).

    • Cheap seats

      You forgot: Maquise Lee and Soma Vainuku.

      5 knee issues? At this point, I would be evaluating EVERYTHING from the cleats, field conditions, etc.

      Are there any patterns to these injuries? Did they happen from being tackled (like last year with Tre Madden)? Or are they simply start/stop movements where other factors are coming into play?

      Even with the best ortho and PTs around, there’s never a guarantee that they’ll return to 100%.

  • gotroy22

    We knew with the sanctions we would need some luck with the injury bug to survive, but this is ridiculous.

  • Golden Trojan

    Injuries=1. lack of talent. 2. lack of conditioning. 3. lack of coaching up skills. 4. poor practice management. Pick any or all of the above. The only things that needs to be physical are blocking and tackling and you don’t need to do that every practice/all practice long. What is Kiffin doing?

    • betomas

      Couldn’t agree more. This is a disaster.

  • dtksr1

    Very sorry to hear about Sua, as with George & the others, it is the risk you take in getting better. No one is going to improve just dogging it at practice.
    It is understandable regular season practices will have to be more cautious as to the physical beating the team takes during the week. However, and a big however, This team has to be able to block & tackle which it could not do well enough last year. You have to do enough to keep sharp on how to play the game:blocking & tackling! Compromise there and you compromise your chances of winning a game!

  • SonOfWestwood

    When sanctions were first handed down I was happy that Southern Cal was finally reaping what it sowed. Having witnessed the NCAA’s behavior since then, I am finally willing to admit that it was unfair. Now you are paying a price that you shouldn’t have paid by having to choose between being physical, or having enough players to field a team. Sorry.