Does USC Football Need To Be More Physical Or Not?

Lane Kiffin and Matt Barkley said USC’s problem last season was practices were not physical enough. Now there are 22 players out with injuries because practices supposedly are so physical. Kiffin said he will need to taper off at the end of training camp and during next season.

`I don’t think there’s any way we could play a game if we did this,” Kiffin said. “We would not be able to keep up this pace during the season.

So that means the plan to be more physical than last season is already being abandoned? And why does everything seem knee-jerk? If you go by the quotes, USC was not physical in 2009, physical in 2010, not physical in 2011.

Pete Carroll followed the same plan every year. I’m guessing Nick Saban does too. This is where the apologists will make excuses with scholarship limitations. But USC had 85 scholarships in Kiffin’s first two years. And Carroll had less than 80 players on scholarship some years.

At the end of the day, it just seems like the philosophy changes a bit too much.

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  • Excellent point about the knee jerk reactions. It really doesn’t seem as if there is any coherent plan in place from these coaches.

  • Cheap seats

    Does Scott ever make his OWN observations after watching the practices throughout the years? Or is he too busy chatting up?

    Simply going off quotes that practices are physical / not physical enough doesn’t bring fans any value. How about basing an opinion on what you actually SEE? What good is his press credentials if he never reports what happens?

    Who cares about what is being said. I watched two practices in pads and they seem to be just as cautious with the tackling just like any other year.

    However, in regards to some of the receiver and special teams drills, some of those look high risk. If you bring down the intensity of practice, it carries over to the game.

  • dtksr1

    Kiffin overloaded on WRs & TEs, so much so that some have left the program. Kiffin could have recruited more defensive players where depth issues are now a problem. So who’s fault is it after all? And Haden says Kiffin had a plan to minimize the sanctions…. bullshit!

  • Clearly a change in practice intensity is needed when 22 players are hurt. If he didn’t change then SW would be crying on the other side of the fence.