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USC athletic director Pat Haden debuted Thursday night in the opening performance of “The Most Happy Fella” at Bing Theatre. Haden told me before the performance the students in the musical were the “five-star recruits” of the drama dept.

Haden sang and acted in his role as “Post man No. 2. ” He even watched about half of the performance from a seat in the audience when he wasn’t required to perform.  The students probably owe Haden a big thank you. His presence brought unprecedented publicity to a USC-staged musical  (I certainly wouldn’t have been there otherwise). Haden received warm applause when he finished his solo singing effort and at the end of the musical when he took a bow.

Haden’s got to be pretty happy after hiring a basketball coach and performing in the school musical in the same week. To see him perform at the dress rehearsal, click here.

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    Mike Rae’s caddy.better stick to his day job.

    • What a tool. The guy just keeps making a fool of himself.

      • ThaiMex

        are you guys related?

        • TrojanFamily

          Your parents were first cousins

          • TF, you have to WAIT until Taco Tuesday!!

        • Boring

  • Swoll Francis

    “(I certainly wouldn’t have been there otherwise)”

    oh really?

    • TrojanFamily

      Well, Real Housewives wasn’t on so his night was free

  • Golden Trojan

    A true Renaissance Man, Jack of all Trades, Song and Dance Man, makes national headlines hiring a basketball coach, then a star on Figueroa(kinda far off Broadway). Way to go Haden, but singing and dancing should be your plan D. I will see you all at the opera in two weeks!

    • I think you meant “jack. off of all trades”. This guy is making a fool out of USC.

  • we gotta get off the air!!

    wow that was crashingly bad….but the Cadre always gives props where they are due, and Bounce Pass showed the BIG TIME guts of a BRUIN doing that with absolutely no talent!!!!! in fact out of respect i am going to stop calling him Bounce Pass for a while. until further notice, he’s Hollywood Haden!!

  • Did he do what he does best, drink Scotch ?