Are We Any Closer To Finding Out Who Will Call Plays Next Season?

Offensive coordinator Clay Helton called about 70 percent of the plays during the scrimmage. That might sound like Lane Kiffin relinquished some of those duties but Helton usually calls plays in scrimmages. Kiffin said he took over some of the duties because Marqise Lee returned and he wanted to make sure he got enough touches.

Asked who would call plays next season, Kiffin said, “I haven’t really thought about it.”

Translation: Believe Kiffin will not call plays when you see it.

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  • steveg

    Really? He hasn’t really thought about it? What is wrong with being honest about it?

    • Cheap seats

      Because Kiffin is messing with Wolf. Wolf asks the damn question almost every presser and if he’s known Kiff’s career as a HC, he has ALWAYS called the plays.

      Until we hear Kiffin actually say someone else is going to call ’em, it’s not even worth blogging about like SW does every week.

  • dtksr1

    It might be a benefit that Kiffin still calls all the plays. That way if the offense plays like it did this past year, Kiffin cannot say it was anyone else’s fault, like Mack Brown at Texas is so damn good at… blaming his asistants and fires bunches of them as scapegoats. Kind of like to see what Helton could do though, to utilize “all” of the offensive talent this team has, which Kiffin fails at along with his game management.

  • Scsyco

    Bitter little man.