More From Jon Gruden On USC Quarterback Matt Barkley

I recommend watching tonight’s Gruden QB Camp episode featuring Matt Barkley. Among the interesting observations, you see who missed the assignment on the play where Barkley hurt his shoulder against UCLA and Gruden explains to Barkley what he did wrong on the play.

“Avoid the catastrophic hits. He’s had 3 injuries at USC. I worry about that,” Gruden said.

You also see some heroic blocking by Curtis McNeal and Gruden shows Barkley why throwing to the fullback is important.

There’s also a funny scene where Gruden can’t believe Lane Kiffin’s whistling at Barkley during the 2010 Oregon game, which caused Barkley to look over just before the ball was snapped and hit his ankle, which Oregon then recovered.

“Matt’s arm looked good to me,” Gruden said. “Matt Barkley’s got a great future. Matt Barkley’s gonna be a starter in the NFL.”


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  • No, he will not be a starter in the NFL

    • TrojanFamily

      Jon Gruden v Ben Doverz. Oh which one speaks more authoritatively on NFL QBs? How to decide…..

      • Hate to go against you buddy, but I’d have to agree with Little Ben on this one. Matt is WAY overrated. He was horrible for SC.

      • What’s Gruden gonna say, he sucks ? You’re a rah rah, shove a pom pom further up your azz

    • TrojanFan

      What do you do for a living?……exactly!

  • not ONE 4th Qtr comeback in FOUR FULL SEASONS!

    probably will never happen again. Gruden knows it. he would NEVER draft Pious Passer!! it’s called being polite, and he is far too polite.

    • WingsHD

      Bucket your number one sport hired Alford, you should be on your site talking that up. Bruin fans are the only one’s talking about it. They need you.

      • TrojanFan

        This is the only site that makes his(bucket) pimple grow……hahaha!

    • TrojanFan

      How many fuking times do you need to repeat something? PLEASE get the head checked out, normal people don’t act like you

    • Scsyco

      When was the last time a Fucla was featured on ESPN Fucket boy? U-C-L-A-BALLS-BALLS-BALLS!

    • MichiganTrojan

      On the road at Ohio State his freshmen year, when he had a decent QB coach and a decent system still in place. BTW, who is this magic QB in CFB with all the 4th QBs? And why is always having to come from behind to win? And if he plays in a read-option or shotgun-spread, as is the trend these days, was he the main impetus for the drive? Or all the bells and whistles, traps, options, and stunts? Arizona beat USC in the 4th quarter and Matt Scott was on the sideline puking his brains out in the last 5 minutes. Is that his comeback or what?

      Ah but of course, these things are not interesting to Bucket. He’s got schtick and he’s schticking to it. Barkley is as capable of leading a decent NFL team as about 22 of the 32 starting QBs in the NFL. He went throw for throw with Luck every year. When he had to match Oregon or these other spread offenses he was capable, even if limited because of extremely bad play-calling.

  • Sam C

    Barkley blows. He’s got backup written all over him. That being said , it’s hard to tell, I thought Ryan leaf would be great

    • Scsyco

      You thought wrong?

  • Ben Factor

    It’s unwise to predict the future with confident authority–either a great future or a miserable failure. Matt has his physical shortcomings, to be sure. And Matt is a smart guy, he believes in life, and he will give it his best. Never underestimate the importance of a sharp brain, a good attitude, and continuous effort. Even in sports, talent is overrated.

  • bazinga

    So who does it show blowing his assignment?