A Possible Secondary

Here’s one way I envision USC’s secondary next season:

CB: Josh Shaw

S: Dion Bailey

S/DB: Sua Cravens

S: Demetrius Wright

This would be unorthodox but it gets the best people on the field. Cravens is probably going to have to play both spots and is already the nickel back. He and Shaw might need to play out of position with the current cornerback woes. This assumes some of the strugglers at cornerback do not make significant improvement next season.

6 thoughts on “A Possible Secondary

  1. That is a tall order for a true Freshman (Sua Cravens) to start and not one but two positions in his first year. He would have to have all of the physical and mental maturity but also play mistake free and injury free on almost every defensive play.

    • Even though he is a Freshman, Cravens would be a big improvement over Torin Harris, regardless of position(s).

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