Winners And Losers Of The Week

Photo/Craig Schwarz

Time to see who is up and who is down this week.


Pat Haden

Hires basketball coach but gets even more media coverage with appearance in school musical.

Andy Enfield

Talk about a honeymoon. He can do no wrong as far as most USC fans are concerned. Good thing they don’t read Dick Weiss.

Justin Davis

Gets Lane Kiffin to say he might start next season. At least Kiffin didn’t compare to Reggie Bush. The last freshman to get that honor in spring was Dillon Baxter.

Max Browne

Good week of practice ends with 6 of 7 performance for 85 yards with two touchdown passes (nearly three if Randall Telfer didn’t drop pass).

Bryshon Nellum

Gets sixth year of eligibility and promptly runs 45.54, fastest time in nation this season.

Mike Gillespie

UC Irvine beat USC for the upteenth time since he became the Anteaters coach.


Bob Cantu

His dedicated service for 12 years comes to end when Andy Enfield decides not to hire him.

Monte Kiffin

New defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast gets so many compliments from players, etc., one can only think what they really thought of Kiffin.

USC secondary

Surrendered 405 yards passing in Saturday’s scrimmage. Even if you are learning a new defense that is a disaster.

Men’s volleyball

Went from national championship game appearance to 6-16 at last check.


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  • Clancy Pendergast might as well be Quincy Magoo

  • marvgoux1

    They are comparing Pat Haden’s comedic timing to Bob Newhart.

    • betomas

      Well, Pat Haden has been a joke as of late…

  • Independent_George

    Wow, I typed Weiss’s first name, and my comment got eaten.

    Good thing this ins’t a political blog. Would never be able to write about Cheney, Armey, etc.

    Way to go Daily News. No wonder you are a shrinking, dying newspaper. On the cutting edge once again!

    • Try writing about Obummer, the post is gone in a heartbeat, can’t critize the anoited one ya know.

    • I typed in Obummer and it won’t post

      • I get the same. You have to beat the system by using spaces. I wrote Haden continues to make a f o o l of S C and himself?

  • Why does Haden’s hat look very similar to an SS hat ? All it needs is a death head and bingo !!!!!!!!!

  • Weiss said that why would Enfield be able to recruit on West Coast. He then blew it to say that since O’Neill couldn’t, why would Enfield do better. Very simple: Enfield has a good vibe and O’Neill was a loser from day 1.

  • Seriously, Scott, how can you honestly say Haden is a “winner” for appearing in a school musical?

    Our athletic programs for the most part have not improved since he got here (name one that has). How much time do you think he spent DURING working hours fooling around with this stunt when he should be working on making SC Athletics #1?

  • Scsyco

    Are the trolls on spring break?