QB Rankings

This is just based on practice performances and takes into account injuries, number of snaps received, practices missed, etc.

Cody Kessler €€€ 1/2

Max Wittek €€€

Max Browne €€ 1/2

That said, I do not think it would be fair to the quarterbacks to name a starter this week. Especially with Max Browne coming on late and Max Wittek looking sharp now that he is healthy. Cody Kessler’s done just about as much as he could do too but also would benefit from training camp before a final decision gets made.

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  • Scsyco

    Regardless of who it is, we need to pick a starting qb by early fall camp so first team reps don’t get wasted.

  • Kessler has no chance, he’s not Kiffins chosen boy

    • Ben Factor

      Unless Kiffin has a death wish, he will play the QB who will provide the best QB play RIGHT NOW. He has to worry about 2013, and nothing but 2013.

      For that reason, he should think about moving any WR except Lee to CB, if it might help.

      Kiffin used his full quota of dumb CEO moves last year. He has zero leeway for a BS approach based on ego, self-indulgence, or soft-headed thinking. It’s winning time, RIGHT NOW. There are real problems that are beyond his control at this point. Kiffin has to check his ego at the door, work with his coaches and all position groups, take his best stab at the problems, win as many games as he can, and leave Haden with the impression that USC achieved 90%+ of what was possible in 2013.

      • Cheap seats

        Do you think our secondary that has Torin Harris (best CB in spring), McQuay, and Cravens will be that bad?

        • Ben Factor

          I don’t think that I know enough to answer that. I suspect it might not work, and I can’t back that up with hard analysis.

          The subtext of Kiffin’s remarks is that he is wondering if what they’ve got is workable. The group surrenders a lot of big plays in the scrimmages. This defensive scheme utilizes a lot of single coverage. My impression is that CB and FS/SS skills are not really interchangeable.

          Neither am I in a position to conclude that converting a WR would help. I’m asking, that’s all.

          • Cheap seats

            Most of the plays I’ve seen in person and on video has guys getting beat deep with cover zero (no safety over the top). I doubt Clancy will be always playing this coverage during the real games.

            It’s likely that he’s using it for the spring simply to evaluation his CBs man coverage ability.

            Either way, losing Robey and Wiley (early last year) is a big blow.

  • Cheap seats

    Kessler / Wittek remind me too much of the days of Van Raphorst and Fox at QB.

  • Usc28@yahoo.com

    Having watched you for years this evaluation is right in line.
    You are a IDIOT!!!

  • gotroy22

    Given we have no secondary they all look good right now.

  • Ben Factor

    I agree with Scott, with one reservation. Unfortunately, the poor CBs may be distorting the competition. All three guys look good. But who would look the best against fully competent pass coverage? It’s not easy to answer that question.

    If I were Browne, I would: (1) dedicate myself to ASAP complete mastery of the plays, reads, and blocking schemes; (2) sit down with Helton for a harsh critique of what I need to improve, and what my priorities should be; and (3) if my parents would provide the money, hire the best available freelance QB coach, and work with him steadily until fall, especially over the summer.

    I expect Wittek to work with such a coach.

    I hope that Kessler has the resources to do the same thing. If at all possible, his parents or family should pay for that, and even take on some debt to help him. He’s done everything one could ask, and he deserves the investment in him. Unless he simply isn’t a legitimate NFL prospect, this is a critical time for his future.