What About Baseball?

The Trojans are 12-19 and has not made the NCAA Tournament since 2005. So I might as well again suggest USC rehire Mike Gillespie. He is currently 20-8 at UC Irvine and would know how to succeed at a private school with scholarship limits, which A.D. Pat Haden recently referred to as a “conundrum,” when describing baseball.

Gillespie’s had a lot of success at Irvine and someone will point out it is a public school. But he’s already proved he can win at USC (national champions in 1998), so why not bring him back?

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  • Terry Fredricks

    What about Andy Lopez? Local connections, more than half his UofA championship team from Southern California, and 2 NCAA titles.

  • ThaiMex

    Private College is O-V-E-R A-T-E-D, especially when compared to the an outstanding U.C. system. Comparing a “cesspool” like SUCks to ANY U.C. school (if you have the grades) is ridiculous, especially for a in-state resident. Why would anyone (ego maniac GoatBoy, and the Basketball Coach from the Pumpkin Patch excluded) want to end up at a school where NCAA sanctions are a way of life, and your athletic recruiting is focused on Juvenile Hall types, because of the “Liberal Special Admits” Policy that exists at this so called institution of Higher learning?
    The ONLY School in the Pac 12 with LOWER Admission standards than SUCks is Arizona State…..BTW…that’s how you lost Vontaz Burfict.

    LIMBO U…I guess you can go a little LOWER!
    A big “FIT ON” shout out to all my little Gang Bangin’ Torgan Homies out there in JUVIE!