USC Morning Buzz

More than a few coaches are raising eyebrows at the idea USC is offering San Diego State assistant coach Tony Bland $250,000 to join Andy Enfield’s coaching staff. He might be a great hire but right now he is still fairly unproven.

“What’s he done at this point to merit that much money,” a college head coach asked?

Bland is referred to as San Diego State’s “lead recruiter” but has been in the position for only two years and five of the Aztecs’ top six scorers are juniors or seniors. Like I said, it might be a terrific addition. And if he takes the job, he will get plenty of chances to deliver recruits.

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  • betomas

    Kick back. $250k is nothing for the donors. The admin”s got more.

  • trojan4life

    We are $C!

  • ThaiMex

    “BLAND”…sort of like most of the RAH RAH posters here at Scotty’s place.
    fit on torgans!

  • Better than those rapists across town huh?

  • Spedjones

    throwing money at a problem is always a good idea… Just ask Kiffin.

  • Golden Trojan

    $250k? Isn’t that the difference in what O’Neil got and Enfield is getting?

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  • He’s BLACK, he’s got TATS, he’s from the HOOD, what’s not to like ?

  • Ben Factor

    Sort of early to even think about it, let alone raise doubts. In contrast to CFB, USC is starting from a disadvantaged position on the CBB totem pole.

    Let Enfield have his honeymoon, while he takes a whack at it. He’s young, energetic, educated, has enjoyed some success in two fields, and in attracting his wife. There will still be plenty of time to complain two or three years in the future.

  • Karla

    Sounds like Renfield will throw money at the first person who takes his call.