Reality Check

New USC assistant basketball coach Tony Bland is making a whopping $250,000 per year. That is less than what any USC football assistant coach makes per year.

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  • Alan Miller

    But it is 12x as much as you are paid, Scott.


    OCR is reporting over $300k. Who’s right?

  • Chandler

    Stop writing nonsense Wolf. What is your issue? If you hate SC football so much, simply stop covering them. I’m sure some other school would love to hate you as much as many here do.

  • oneillwatch

    Just the other day, Scott was “observing” (harping) on how much of a raise a salary of $250k would represent. Make you mind up, Scooter. Just another thought: one SC football game probably brings in more in gate receipts than about five years of SC basketball. Football also carries the rest of the athletic department.

  • Golden Trojan

    I find that hard to believe since Monte Kiffin was getting 1.5 mil, that the current assistants are all getting less than 250k each.

  • I wanted to take this chance to provide another dig at Scotty boy here, but I was late to the party. Football brings in more scratch than basketball does so that makes sense, again concepts that Wolfie D misses.