Andy Enfield Makes USC History (Not That Anyone Keeps Score)

When is the last time a USC basketball coach was on the Tonight Show? Or a Pac-12 coach? Or any coach? I went in 1995 when UCLA coach Jim Harrick was a guest so I can say at least one coach has been a guest.

USC is winning the PR battle with the hiring of Andy Enfield. But it can’t live off Florida Gulf Coast accomplishments nexr year. With players like guard J.T. Terrell, center Omar Oraby and perhaps forward Dewayne Dedmon back, he has a nucleus. Can he add any surprise recruits?

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  • Ben Doverz

    The look on crack head Charlie’s face says it all ” WAHOOO, LOOK AT THOSE T**s !

  • steveg

    We are sure he will. I have a really good feeling about this coach. Hopefully it is going to be a big turn around for basketball.

  • Charles Bucket

    some nucleus, Mr Bean, Girl puncher, and JT whatever!!!

    way to knock Wonder Boy down a few pegs, wolfman!!!

    AND, way to name drop Harrick, wolfman!! it gonna be a another BALL BURNER!!!

  • Tes Ta

    trojans are stupid for not suppoting hoops

  • Ben Factor

    In a media center, it’s good for a coach to marry a Maxim model.

    The fact is that Enfield’s parents were teachers, he was a good student through college, he succeeded outside of coaching, he didn’t do at all badly as a coach, and he’s personable.

    Who knows how it will turn out, but Pat Haden succeeded in the realm of the possible: he made promising hire.

  • Dino Marconi

    Yep-USC is taking over College BB in LA as far as the media is concerned