USC Hires Cynthia Cooper As Women’s Basketball Coach

Cooper, a former USC player, was the frontrunner from the beginning, so her hiring was expected despite interviews with former Duke coach Gail Goestenkors and Princeton coach Courtney Banghart.

Cooper, who grew up in Los Angeles, coached at Texas Southern last season and previously coached at North Carolina-Wilmington.

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  • Ben Doverz

    Horrible hire, just horrible.

    • LordTrojan

      It’s better to be silent and thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. in other words, you shouldn’t comment.

      • gotroy22

        Hey rah rah, why don’t you tell us why you support this hire? Or do you just support anything Pat Haden does no matter how stupid?

        • Ben Doverz

          His head is up his azz with his pom poms

          • rusoviet

            Yeah then again Heinz Guderian ‘in your face’ at Sedan was all you needed to head for the local ‘l’hotel’ and relax…’ah le guerre…no plus le guerre… deste le guerre parce que mes amis sont les cochons!’

          • Swoll Francis

            so you really do speak russian!

      • Ben Doverz

        Hey “lord”, why is this a good hire ? She’s never had success, she’s cheated and Traitor Pat was brought in to put an end to that, a little hypocritical no ?

  • gotroy22

    Why would you hire a convicted cheater who never completed her degree at USC? The NCAA will love this one.

    • rusoviet

      Hey as long as Woodie and the church they named after him St. John the Divine’ in NYC is still standing pray tell when does his ‘gym rat’ Sam Gilbert get his award? UCLA my sucla…yeah!

    • R Holley

      She did finish her degree while at Prairie View A&M. She even started working on her masters.

  • Golden Trojan

    Hopefully she has learned her lesson from Prairie View and will run a clean program. Certainly was a great player and seems to have skills as a coach. Not completing her degree hasn’t held her back. Maybe she’ll get done now. She’ll have to work extra on being compliant with the NCAA, Haden should help with that. Good Luck to her. Fight On. Another brick in the College Sports Dynasty that just keeps building steam!

    • Ben Doverz

      Really ? Is Kiffin one of those bricks ?

      • Golden Trojan

        He just needs a little more counseling from Haden. You just watch next year (read with a dose of sarcasm).

  • Charles Bucket

    the Cadre dossier on Cooper-Dyke indicates she was SANCTIONED at a prior coaching job for giving her players Cash and other gifts!!!


    WTF? way to keep it clean, Bounce Pass!!!! after years of foul mouthed, poor sport, woman abuser, Michael Cooper, this is your best choice??? you couldda made a statement here, but you SCREWED it up AGAIN!!!

  • Joe Blow

    Congrats to Cooper-DYKE