Stat Of The Day

USC committed only three penalties in 86 plays, a big improvement over last season.

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  • the trOXans have gone over four year without a 4th Qtr comeback…this has GOT to be an NCAA record. how long will the streak continue??

    • TrojanFamily

      Repeating the same line ad nauseum while making ridiculous boasts and claiming you have friends. Its clear now. You are Kim Jong-un. Looks like Pyongyang has at least one net connection tonight.

      • more like Qui-Gon Jinn, than Kim Jong-Un, Bucket is.

        insult the Cadre at your peril, tronan scum.

  • ThaiMex

    Chuckie….have you notice the current group of RAH RAH’s on this site have all the Charisma and personality as a box of Saltine Crackers. What ever happened to Paralegal (our semi educated, resident BLOW HARD), LBC (he liked wearing his pajamas UNDER his work clothes), Freethinker, calgirl, EX Cop, da trout, and my all time favorite senile S.C. knucklehead, Old Timer? Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio? This entire site is turning to SH!T. Heck, the Rajin Cajin, “Ogie” has had nothing (ZERO) to say in MONTHS! If it weren’t for the TYPICAL regurgitated Torgan drivel (example…”Chucker please stop saying bad things about us torgans”, or “ThaiMex, I’m gonna tell my mommy on you”…), this site would be as empty as nubsie’s head! I guess that’s to be expected from a bunch of TURNCOATS who have jumped ship in the wake of yet another disastrous UN-ranked Football season.
    Torgan for Life?….you gotta be kidding
    Don’t fit on Torgans…..just roll over and surrender.

    • tl;dr. Go run a marathon.

    • Thai, you’re taking your game to a whole another ‘NOTHER level!!!

      yes, it’s true we have run a whole lotta chumps and chimps outta here!!

      but the current crop of Dummies is the DUMMEST ever!!!

      at least the old Nabobs had some element of game before they all ran away and hid like the egg sucking cowards they are!! these current Dummies simply have no game!!

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Thaibucket accusing others of “telling on him”
      Now that’s just a bit hypocritical, no?