USC Morning Buzz

Here’s my recap from Saturdays scrimmage at the Coliseum. The secondary again remained a concern but the quarterback position remained in the spotlight.

Would anyone be surprised if Cody Kessler had been named the starter based on his spring performances? Instead it looks like the competition will continue until training camp.

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  • Kessler has NO CHANCE, NONE. The kid was the better QB last year in practice and so far this year and he will not play. Ever notice how Lanie can never say anything good about Kessler ? The kid plays great but Lanie doesn’t think he manages the game well, which is laughable coming from Lanie who can’t manage a game for shat. If Kessler outperforms Wittek in the fall and gets passed over, he should transfer ASAP and leave since Wittek will never get pulled for any reason with Lanie in charge.

    • Bob Turnage

      Your right Doverz,
      Kiffin and Pat are searching for the next face of the team… Not the best QB

    • Emmit Jones

      Kessler played more efficient error free football than the other two competitors for the starting QB: that is called a fact. Kessler always impresses me as a genuine not a phony; a “the team comes first” kind of guy. How really rare that is!

  • Lane isn’t brain dead, he will pick the guy that will give him the best chance to win since I’d imagine he’d like to make some attempt to keep his job.

    The only thing worse than a coach knowing he’s fired is a Lane Kiffin knowing he’s going to be fired. (see Oakland Raiders)

    • dtksr1

      Kiffin isn’t brain dead, just very stubborn and ignorant about his abilities. Wittek will likely be named the starter for 2013 even if Kessler plays rings around the other QBs. Kiffin will never give anyone the chance to say he was wrong. Ego’s do that to a person. So expect Wittek to remain the starter & Kiffin calling the offensive plays.

      • steveg

        If that happens Haden needs to fire him cold early in the season and be rid of him.