Darreus Rogers Looks Like The No. 3 Wide Receiver

Even though freshman Darreus Rogers was hurt for part of the spring, he is listed as No. 3 on the depth chart at wide receiver ahead of Victor Blackwell, who had 155 yards receiving and a touchdown in the spring scrimmage.

“We think Darreus has shown some things to have an extremely big upside,” Lane Kiffin said.

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  • old_trojan_93

    Way to slap Victor in the face, Lane.

    • Lane seems to like this motivation technique though, and while we can all blame him for it, when he did it his first year nobody seemed to mind.

      • He does this EVERY year, he pumps up some kid and then buries him during the year. Don’t think that the players don’t see guys outplaying others and then not playing, not good for team unity. Kiffin must go.

        • All I’m saying is if he pulls this crap, then goes undefeated (not saying this is likely or probable), nobody cares; this is a problem only if he doesn’t win.

          • He pulls it every year. Last year it was some WR who was so good, and then he never played. Lanie is a clown, and the faster he gets canned the better it is for USC. And he’s not going to win.

          • Just wait for the end of the sanctions man…we’re almost there

        • TrojanFan

          bend over must go!….hahaha!

    • Victor meet Robert Woods.

  • TrojanFamily

    Scott reported that Flourney was the #3 receiver this time last year. I doubt anything is settled and I am sure if its, Scott doesn’t know about it.

    • Hey MORON, SW only reports what SC puts out for their depth chart

      • TrojanFamily

        So Scott reports on what Kiffin makes public knowledge with a press release. Nothing more. He’s not interested in providing information thats not readily available online. That’s stellar journalism.

        • WTF ? Is he supposed to get into the mind of Lanie ? You’er brain dead

          • TrojanFamily

            You tell us what’s in Lane’s mind all the time.

            But good journalists have sources with the team who will tell them what the team is thinking. They will report beyond what the team provides the general public.

            There is a tried and true method to “get inside someone’s mind” as you call it. It’s called interviewing them. Or interviewing the staff. Then you construct your journalistic narrative with this information. Good journalism is about getting information (ideally that which is not just available to any person with an internet connection) and providing it to your readers with interesting and poignant commentary. Bad journalism is relying on anything released to the public and providing no real insight from it.

            Which is Scott?

          • Cheap seats

            Exactly. Also, is football Scott’s sport? His “football analysis” (when he does offer any) is head scratching.

          • TrojanFan

            Bend over is a ruin troll in disguise

          • TrojanFan

            I think you need to take a break from this site. We have had a enough of your bad attitude

    • ThaiMex

      SOUND OF A LOUD SIREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      The Grammar Police have just detected a stupid error in the above post….
      Seems “Sanctimonious Sam” left out a word or two and his post just sounds RETARDED. (…….”and I am sure if is”).

      “Fit on Torgans”….because it just sort of makes sense on this site, doesn’t it?

      • Newsflash – ellipsis don’t require capitalization of the subsequent word. In other news, parenthesis appear in sentence, not following a period, and absolutely never between periods with no other content. I guess I didn’t expect much better from you rapists though. Oh irony!

        • ThaiMex

          Wow…I’m impressed….but your post is not nearly as impressive as your 50 line posts containing ONE single word, repeated 1,000 times!
          Now that’s Talent!
          fit on torgan!

          • *talent




      • TrojanFamily

        You are right, Chuckles. I have been sanctimonious. I should let you just wear the white hood with pride. I’m sorry. Happy belated Jackie Robinson Day!

      • TrojanFan

        GET A LIFE!

  • marvgoux1

    It’s like Spring training in baseball- the rookies shine and then go back to the minors.

    • Or under Lanie, players outplay others only to get buried because they aren’t the chosen ones.