• dtksr1 @dslextreme.com

    Of Scott’s 5 things learned, I see 2-of them of real concern. #1- The offensive line. Poor pass protection and no rushing yards? This is a Kiffin (or a James Cregg) problem that was “not carried over from the PC days”. Two offensive line coaches and this is the result? #2- The DBs are going to be the achilles heel of this year’s defense? Where is the talent & speed? You have 1-coach for the DBs to teach the skill. Not good if that coach has other position responsibilities too.

  • Ben Factor

    Other than generalities, I have yet to hear: (1) what pass routes must be excised from the playbook in order to accommodate Kessler’s 6’1″ height, or lesser arm strength; (2) what pass routes are less likely to be completed because Kessler is at QB; (3) other negative evaluations of Kessler’s actual PLAY; or (4) negative consequences likely to follow from Kessler’s starting, versus one of the other two. Hypothetical speculation about height and pass velocity is not terribly helpful. Does anybody have any concrete comments about how that will actually affect a game?

    No matter what LK privately thinks, he would not help anything by publicly naming a starter right now.

    I think that dtksr1 made a provocative point about not assigning a coach to focus solely on the unit with the most apparent problems, DB (more CB than safety).

    Echoing a comment from Harvey Hyde, I think that LK probably made a mistake not to ask Blackwell and Flournoy to work out at CB at the very start of Spring, to see if either showed great promise. That MIGHT have done some good, as opposed to ruminating about playing Lee or Agholor at CB.

    • dtksr1 @dslextreme.com

      So, you would rather have a tall gunslinger who either overthrows receivers or completes those passes to the defenders?

      • dtksr1 @dslextreme.com

        The whole idea “this time” is to keep the ball away from the opponent, if our defense is going to be suspect?????????

      • Ben Factor

        Maybe I didn’t express it clearly. I don’t really understand how, in practice as opposed to theory, Kessler might fall short in terms of actual game performance. I think I have seen how Wittek might fall short–at least to my eye, Wittek’s accuracy is streaky, and it looks as though he sometimes throws into too close of coverage. It may be that the coverage was not too close, and that the issue wasn’t the decision to throw there, but instead the ball placement/accuracy. But whichever it is, you’re right that it doesn’t end in completions.

        As you imply, if I were in charge, I would emphasize the run more, provide more variance in the gap that is attacked by the RB, seek time-of-possession drives, and throw a higher percentage of pass attempts to the #2 WR, TE, and/or RB/FB (if Pinner can catch). In addition, I would utilize a no-huddle offense much more frequently, to put the opposing defense under pressure. I don’t know why Kiffin rarely employs the no-huddle. Tom Brady isn’t mobile, Peyton Manning isn’t mobile, and they use no-huddle quite a bit.

        I would choose my starter according to who could most effectively accomplish the strategy above.

        In addition, as you suggested, I would get deeply involved with Pendergast to figure out whether a DB coach is really needed at this point. Maybe it’s better to hire one, and replace Cregg with a graduate assistant selected by Summers.

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