USC Returning To Black Cleats In 2013

Some good news on the uniform front as of right now, USC will wear its black cleats again next season. Several players told us that it was their choice to return to the traditional shoes.

It would also mean no more silver or Ronald McDonald red-and-yellow cleats.

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  • Charles Bucket

    assist to the wolfman!!!

    wolfman, your influence on this program is mind boggling!!!

    not only so you actually impact the outcomes of games, you now dictate the unis, the playcalling and who knows what all !!!!

    wolfman, i would go so far as to say you have more influence on the trOXan athletics than Bounce Pass Haden!!!!

    • TrojanFamily

      You would say that because you, sir, are a moron

    • TrojanFan

      Please get some new material, your shlt is STALE! Any update on the cranium exam?

    • Michael Link

      Good Lord you are boring! Go get a job…


    And no black jerseys too!

  • Ben Doverz

    This is a blow to Lanie. How will he recruit without these gimmicks to offer ? Oh wait, he had them and still blew chunks last recruiting season, never mind.

    • TrojanFan

      Sounds like bucket has been sticking it to you….ouch!

  • Joe Blow

    Bring back our black AD as well.


    another hard hitting piece of journalistic artwork