Kentucky Drew More Fans To Spring Game Than USC (Or Most Anyone Else)

Maybe losing defensive end Jason Hatcher to Kentucky wasn’t such a fluke after all. The Wildcats’ spring game drew 51,000 fans last weekend while USC drew an announced crowd of just more than 15,000. Maybe they tackled in the Kentucky game.

  • Erndog2q

    The issue with the lack of attendance has little to do with the state of the football team and more with overall fan experience. I have refused to attend another spring game and haven’t since Sanchez is junior year. My previous experiences were flat and not fan friendly. Other schools approach this game with big fan fair, sponsors, food, games, etc.. SC does not seem committed to bring that carnival like experience for this game. The scrimmage itself is more a feeling out and a regular practice, rather then a game like experience. Fight On

    • gotroy22

      That goes right to the Athletic Director. Perhaps he should be more focused on season ticket holders than thespians.

  • The Guv’nor

    There are several factors at play here which Scotty Boy won’t even touch. Since the name of his game is taking shots at Kiffin, why report actual numbers and facts.

    • Cheap seats

      And of course, if a player got injured on a tackle, Scott would criticize the play was too physical ..

  • Gilligan

    Only because a guy is in bed with a good looking woman doesn’t necessarily mean he knows what to do…….

  • TrojanFamily

    It’s the SEC. Football is a religion in the SEC. USC football is covered by barely literate journalists with little knowledge of the game. Wolf wouldn’t be allowed to get an intern her coffee if he attempted to cover an SEC program.

  • ThaiMex

    SOUTHERN CAL fans aren’t “real” fans. They jump on the bandwagon when things are good, and are off immediately, when things go bad. They blame the NCAA, The Los Angeles Times, The Daily News, PAC 12 Officials, and just about anyone else for their sorry a$$ football program. So Cal attracts special admits, and those with so called “CHARACTER ISSUES”. With your Basketbawl and Footbawl rosters loaded with “questionable types”, it’s no wonder you perform so poorly in the Pac 12 in most major sports. It is interesting to note your Golf Teams, Water polo Teams, and Swim Teams usually perform well because of the types of recruits drawn into those sports (know what I’m sayin’). Footbawl and Basketbawl Coaches should pay attention.
    From 8 & 5 to 5 & 8 in one season….now that’s impressive!
    fit on torgans!

    • TrojanFan

      Boring and just plain stupid. Go troll some other site. You say the same thing over and over and over.

      If anyone around here has “CHARACTER ISSUES” it’s you, hypocrite

      Such a pathetic excuse of a man(or woman)

    • Cheap seats

      Even more impressive: the people who TROLL the boards of so-called unreal fans.

      Even if you’re in a vegetable state hooked up to a life support system, there are plenty of more productive things to do in life than troll 7 days a week.

  • troya_ruse

    Getting 15k people in Southern California to show up to a no-tackling scrimmage is a lot more impressive than getting 50k to show up to a spring game in Kentucky. There’s just a lot more to do out here, on any given day of the year.

  • Independent_George

    Scott does this every effing year.

    One year it was Alabama drawing 90,000 fans. This year it’s Kentucky drawing 51,000.

    There isn’t much to do in Lexington, KY. New coach with a “pedigree” (Mark Stoopes). The game and time all over the local papers and media, The school taking out ads to attedn the game. I am surprised that it didn’t draw more.

    As for trolls, who is worse. A.) Someone who constantly trolls someone else’s blog, or B>) someone who trolls their blog.

    Since this is an example of Wolf trolling his won blog, I would have to vote for B.).

    • TrojanFan

      Don’t sell bucket’s efforts short. The guy is a trolling MACHINE, plus he loves cock(tail) tasting

  • Spedjones

    Who wants to drive to the ghetto for a fake game? Besides, 90% of SC’s fans are just leftover Raider fans who only come out in the good times. Everyone in LA knows where the real football is being played in LA now – SUC fans can come out to the Rose Bowl and see for themselves (again).

    • Charles Bucket

      Spederino, es en FUEGO, hombre!!
      (Sped, you are on FIRE, man!!)

      likewise, i cant reconcile the Dummies on this blog as actual trOXans….i pains me to say it, but the actual trOXans i know aren’t so bad and they TOTALLY deny that the Dummies on wolf’s blog are legit trOXans….probably just bandwagoners and ex-Raiderettes!!

    • TrojanFan

      Wrong blog, go troll a ruin site. How do you see anything with the door closed, interesting