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USC wide receiver Robert Woods was considered a hard worker and ideal team player the past two seasons. He even kept quiet when he could have criticized Lane Kiffin this past season about certain aspects of the offense.

But ESPN analyst Todd McShay questioned Woods’ work ethic in an interview with the website. He is paraphrased in the interview: “There have been some questions about the consistency of Woods’ work ethic . . . Woods needs to land with a team where a peer in his position group will ride him regarding his work ethic and mistakes. If he’s among a more passive group it won’t bode well for him, McShay said.”

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  • Scsyco

    Haters will always hate. Fight On Robert!!!

    • That’s hating ? These guys do this to all potential upper round players, get over yourself.

      • TrojanFan


        Debbie Downer at it again….dude you are too much!

        • Go stalk someone else you creep

          • TrojanFan

            Hey idiot, if you’re going to throw something out there, then you need to back it up. 90% of the time you have NO idea what you’re talking about. I think a little vacation is due, bucket might need some company

      • Cheap seats

        Yup.. I swear many of them make stuff up just to have some “negatives” on their scouting reports when you know there’s no way they can watch that much football.

  • Michael Link

    Todd McShay – another “talking head” who is full of himself and BS. Just like
    Bucket, ThaiMexican, yoga, count etc. did I get them all? He posted as Karla this morning. What a wasted life…

    • ThaiMex

      It’s ThaiMex…..
      Got it?
      fit on torgan (going from 8 & 5 to 5 & 8 is a lock!)

      • TrojanFan

        ThaiMex is a 8===D

        Got it?

        It’s Fight On, idiot!

      • hey Thai, did you notice how some people around here never have a thought or are actually in any conversations?? they just jump around and add jack-ass stupid remarks to other people’s comments??

        at least in the old days, the Nabobs could conjure up a few screwy ideas or thoughts other than to simply go around adding homophobic slurs!!

        oh man it’g gotta SUCK to be a trOXan!!!

        • Michael Link

          You of all people would know about “sucking” wouldn’t you?

          • BINGO!!! i anticipated a Dummy would come along and validate my comment!!! took a little longer than i thought…still less than an hour though, thanks, Dummy!!!

          • Michael Link

            You didn’t answer the question did you? Why are you stuck on homophobic slurs? Too close for comfort…

          • i think i kind of get what you were TRYING to say…i don’t want to be insensitive, Michael, but have you been classified as having an autism spectrum disorder?

            if so i would appreciate if you let me know immediately. the Cadre is sensitive about how we communicate with special needs readers.

        • TrojanFan

          Practice what you preach, idiot!

      • Michael Link

        Eat sh*t ThaiMexican – only you would be proud of a lineage like that. Where did you go to school – Boyle Heights?

  • Gilligan

    Didn’t McShay say that JaMarcus Russell had the best pro day of any QB he has seen. Yeah the Raiders were smart to pick Russell as their QB savior.

  • Ben Factor

    I wish Scott had contacted the USC staff regarding this issue. McShay stated that there have been some questions regarding Woods’s work ethic. By whom?

    In Woods’s three years at USC, I have never read nor heard any questions about his work ethic. But McShay probably does know a lot of NFL types. Maybe some of them see it differently.

    • The staff won’t talk to Scott

  • WTF IS THIS CLOWN TALKING ABOUT! This guy has truly been one of the best Trojans ever, and he kept playing while injured.