Is The NCAA Ever Going To Treat Anyone Else Like USC?

Does anyone think the NCAA will ever treat Miami or Oregon or anyone else as harshly as USC? The NCAA seems to be in a defensive mode right now and seems completely unable to prosecute a school with the abandon it did USC a few years ago.

Does this mean no one will face sanctions like USC? Or is this totally off and will Miami get hit as hard as USC when it is all said and done?

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  • Of course these are senseless questions to ask. The NCAA has demonstrated that their “peer review” process can’t be counted on to be fair. It was a revenge fest against USC. NCAA needs to go to committees made up from non member affiliates to eliminate the “envy bias”!

    • dtksr1

      Well said.

  • one player rakes in HUNDREDS of thousand$ in cash, gifts and travel, another picks up envelopes stuffed with cash, women’s tennis was a virtual cesspool and Carrol’sl Asst Coach the Dog Whisperer was caught red-handed at a meeting with Reggie’s agent…. and you have the nerve to say the penalties were too harsh???

    wolfman, are you high??

    • dtksr1

      No matter what you have on your desk besides a UCLA dot-to-dot coloring book, the things that USC were charged with were no worse, in any way, than what was found at Miami & Alabama, where alumni & supporters were also involved with some coaches by situations similar to what SMU was charged with in the death penalty. And yet, even you cannot say the sanctions USC got were in any way appropriate to what those other schools were handed. Paul Dee had an agenda and a certain Notre Dame female administrator wannbe was right there to help it along.

    • TrojanFamily

      This is a guy who has attempted to equate USC’s alleged knowledge of a deal between Reggie Bush and an agent with the child molestation charges at Penn State. Chuckles has no credibility whatsoever to speak of te NCAA case. But trolls gotta troll.

      • i never compared the two…it was the great David Gregory of Meet the Press who make that comparison, which i thought was amusing because it was such a humiliating kick to the trOXans crotch.

        as far as i am concerned Penn State should have gotten a five year Death Penalty for the entire Athletic Dept. they make me sick and the other Big Ten teams should heckle Molester U off the field every game.

    • rusoviet

      jonnie wooden and sam gilbert – talk about an ‘old woman’ running for the curtains “I warned Bill Walton about Sam…I said the same to Lucius…and ‘Kiki’ (man is there a name more pathetic than that? Is there then again where else would a moron with a name more akin to a g&y ostrich go but to u clonws lost again…’kiki’…I told them all after all that’s what a shmuck like me is good at doing me and vin-dawg chevrolet the skull…jonnie….vinnie….simers….suxck

    • TrojanFan

      Buckets loves cock(tails)….ouch!

  • USC had “lack of institutional control” because they didn’t know Bush and his family were getting benefits from someone not employed by SC, or for that matter someone who was doing it to benefit themselves (to become Reggie’s agent) and not SC. But Oregon doesn’t have “lack of institutional control” even though they hired this guy to go around Texas and illegally recruit for them. This gets very frustrating, and I still say Haden could have gone after the NCAA in some way to get the remaining scholarships restored.

    • McNair helped broker the deal with Lake and Reggie. eyewitness, photo and electronic (phone) evidence supports this….McNair was caught lying to the NCAA and it was inferred this was at the direction of Carroll!!!

      the NCAA committee remained “particularly troubled by the two minute and 32 sec phone call from (Lake) to (McNair)”

      He was Carroll’s right hand man / confidant for years!!! thick as thieves they were!! back then they used to say if you kicked Carroll in the crotch, McNair doubled over in agony!!!

      THAT is why the NCAA BanHammered Southern Cal and rightly so!! did i mention i keep a tabbed copy of the report on my desk??? did you Dummies FORGET that Lake has tape recordings of all these discussions???

      • oneillwatch

        One player. As opposed to 72 players openly trolling topless bars, driving fancy rides they can’t possibly afford and having girlfriend problems “handled” by a booster…that would be Nevin Shapiro who apparently modeled himself after the Sam Gilbert/John Wooden cesspool…in the words of Al Gore, an “inconvenient truth.” Even Scott Wolf has to take exception to this hypocrisy.

      • SCFTBL1


      • trojan4life

        Non-sense! According to who? you?

      • If that is true, how did McNair win his lawsuit?

      • ThaiMex

        Chucker…The current group of fools (attention whores LOVE IT when they get mentioned by name, so I won’t) are the biggest bunch of POM POM Waving RAH RAH’s, without SUBSTANCE, we’ve seen in a while. At least the Goat Herder boy, Amir, showed potential as a PLAYER on Scott’s site. It’s just sooooooo Q-U-E-E-R , how they love to play a girls game of “TAG, you’re it!” instead of contributing anything of substance (OUCH!). Maybe they’ve fallen out of the tree house a few too many times (OUCH!) “just sayin”, still comes across as something totally QUEER!
        fit on Wah Wah’s!

        • TrojanFan

          Hey bucket, Maybe you’ve fallen out of the tree house a few too many times (OUCH!) “just sayin”, still comes across as something totally QUEER!, especially since butt darts is the game of choice for the cadre

      • TrojanFan

        Dude, that has to be your most lame a$$ post to date. What the fuc are you talking about. Do some more homework, you’re looking like a stupid 8====D

    • trojan4life

      Isn’t it amazing? Not knowing is “lack of institutional control” and is worse than knowing and covering it up.

    • TrojanFamily

      Rick captures my thinking perfectly. I wouldn’t complain about the sanctions against USC if they indicated that the NCAA was taking its job more seriously. But the total lack of consistency in their rulings (and the organization’s utterly indefensible position that precedent doesn’t matter) shows a level of bureaucratic pathology that is early incomprehensible. I am not one to call for USC to keep fighting this case, but these rulings have me reconsidering my position.

  • dtksr1

    Since USC got so much beyond what was expected, it created talk that lead so much publicized rebuttal & disdain for the NCAA and its actions since, that it is now very careful on what it does & decides. You would have thought that the Alabamas & Miamis before was the benchmark, and it was until you had some hypocrites come together with just the right mix of agendas and hand a new benchmark to USC, whose timing couldn’t have been worse, to show the rest of college football; “look and see what we did to them, and you will be next if we want it to happen”. USC is now the banner-bearer for top sanctions.


    Woe is me…The tune never changes!!

    • TrojanFan

      Dude, this is a Trojan site, your opinion is WORTHLESS! Have you met bucket yet?

      • RC3UCLA

        Trojans walking around with shoulders slumping, head down…Life as a Trojan completely dour…

  • Ben Factor

    I don’t think many of us would disagree that timing is a critical factor in life. There are instances in most of our lives when we get more than we deserve, sheerly from dumb luck, and times when we get less than we deserve, for the same reason. Naturally, our minds tend to focus on on the latter.

    USC was at the wrong place at the wrong time. It was hugely
    successful, and it took pride in its swagger. Its recruiting became
    ever more national in scope. The AD at the time didn’t cultivate a
    working relationship with the NCAA.

    There were infractions at USC, as there are at every major program. Let’s be serious. It has always been that way. These are kids, many of them underprivileged, many of whom have been deified and coddled for years, who are the heroes and faces of a multi-million dollar business, yet aren’t allowed to share much of the profit. It’s overpaid coaches and administrators and underpaid participants. It’s a recipe for hypocrisy and abuse.

    At that time, NCAA enforcement policy was being “strengthened” to protect amateurism, i.e., to perpetuate the sham. Moreover, the NCAA had somehow usurped powers and procedures that would not be permitted by our Constitution, among them, the right to punish with capricious inconsistency. Right now, the NCAA is under siege for its methods, but not then.

    These forces coalesced to deal USC a bad hand. Mike Garrett did not correctly assess the situation, and his public defiance made it worse.

    After the hammer came down, all the other schools examined the USC case, and saw the better approach –be contrite and humble, self-sanction, blah blah blah.

    So no, don’t expect any school to suffer such severe sanctions. They know better now. As does USC. And the unreasonable powers that the NCAA had usurped in 2006 are in the process of being reigned in.

    I find it naive to get indignant. Life’s never been fair (as college athletics aren’t fair to the athletes). In the big picture, USC’s done all right. It got some bad cards in the Bush incident, but that, too, will pass.

    • dtksr1

      If what you are saying is the NCAA had an agenda to really nail a target school like USC for the rest of college sports to sit up & take notice, then you are right, you are damn right.

      • Ben Factor

        Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Those who expect other schools to receive similar punishments right now will be disappointed. The NCAA already sent its message to the rest of college sports.

        If the NCAA bureaucrats hammer too many powerful schools, the Presidents of the major members will crush the bureaucrats, because the powerful schools make a lot of money and please their alumni by succeeding at college football. USC violations were no better and no worse than those of most other schools. USC was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

        Next year, USC can sign 20, so the worst of the sanctions for recruiting are over. However, the worst of the effect of sanctions on team quality is not over. There is a lag to the effect on team quality, because most incoming freshmen aren’t ready to play.

  • TrojanFan

    Dude, this is a Trojan site, your opinion is WORTHLESS! Have you met bucket yet?

  • Scsyco

    Not even the sadistic NCAA jackasses could match the Ruins’ decade-plus-long self-inflicted equivalent of the death penalty (pathetic recruiting, pathetic tv ratings, pathetic attendance at games, pathetic “bowl” game record… the list goes on)

    • TrojanFan

      Bucket is blind to these facts

  • RememberTheFreedomBowl

    The double digit beatdowns Pete Carroll’s teams were regularly inflicting on the Big Ten, SEC and Notre Dame were destroying the overall value of the NCAA’s TV Contracts..the Trojans needed to be stopped. End Result ? The SEC and Notre Dame in the BCS Title game last year. Mi$$ion accomplished.