USC Morning Buzz

The CIF-Southern Section is celebrating its 100th anniversary and named 100 athletes for 100 years. Among the USC athletes are Morley Drury (1924), Lou Zamperini (1935), Ron Mix (1956), Bob Seagren (1963), Stan Smith (1964), Ron Yary (1964), Earl McCullough (1964), Paul Westphal (1968), Pat Haden (1971), Sam Cunningham (1969), Anthony Munoz (1976), Ronnie Lott (1977), Bruce Matthews (1979), Cynthia Woodhead (1981), Cheryl Miller (1981), Carson Palmer (1998), Matt Leinart (2001) and Allyson Felix (2003.

Full list here

  • Charles Bucket

    too bad the GREATEST trOXan of all, O.J. Simpson, hailed from the rough and tumble streets of Oakland, or he SURELY would have been on this list!!!

    GO O.J., GO!!!!

    • Ben Doverz

      Yeah, same for Darryl Henley. And lets not forget the ucla lawyers, Johnny Cochran and Robert Shapiro as well as the incompetent Judge Ito who got OJ off.

  • m00t

    ITT: Trolls who can’t remember how many Heisman winners UCLA has.

    • Charles Bucket

      ??? do you remember, Tappette??

      • m00t

        Hey man, how was your weekend? You get a nice tan from that computer screen? Sorry I couldn’t respond earlier, I was too busy at my table in Tryst.

  • ThaiMex

    How ’bout five star Torgan Black Q.B. Recruits Jesse Scroggins, or James Boyd (who were both RUN OUT OF TOWN)… Crack head Charles White, Winston (NO) Justice, or Ting 1 and Ting 2. How could you possibly not include REGGIE BUSH (or todd marinovich)?
    Rumor has it…if you find a dirty syringe lying in the street, it can be traced back to Heritage Haul.
    fit on to 5 & 8!!!!

    • CheattheSystem

      Reading Comprehension is tough under the bridge, I get it, but c’mon, use your head! Southern Section CIF top 100, which is why Marcus Allen, San Diego is not on the list.

      Charles White = San Fernando High, City Section
      James Boyd = LA Jordan, City Section
      Reggie Bush = Helix HS, San Diego Section
      Tings = James Logan? North Coast Section

      Scroggins, Lakewood HS
      Marinovich = Mater Dei/Capo Valley
      Justice = LB Poly

      If you are going to live under a bridge, use the library!

      I wonder why McGwire, Jason Giambi, Jack Clark, didn’t make list?

  • Markus Thomas

    Matt Barkley should’ve definitely made the list being a 4 year starter at one of the southern section’s premier programs and named as the National Player of the Year as a junior. No way he shouldn’t be on this list