USC’s spring practice is over. UCLA is still going. Who is going to be better next season? UCLA would probably love to face USC’s secondary right now but would the Bruins be able to run the ball on the Trojans?

Could USC’s quarterback give UCLA’s defense problems? Does it matter if Cody Kessler or Max Wittek is the starter? Fans voted overwhelmingly for Kessler on the blog earlier this week.

  • Charles Bucket

    UCLA would rather face Witteck!!! the unfortunate thing for Witteck is, he was mentored by Pious Passer… so even with his limited playing time last year, when Witteck fell behind in games, you saw the classic Pious Passer glassy-eyed, shell-shocked, mouth-agog, boo-boo face appear!!!

    • WEB_Dupree

      Bucket, did you check out the debate re: gay something-or-other that went down over on the UCLA blog the other day? It looks like you and ThaiMex missed out on a chance to chastise one of your fellow UCLA fans for his attitude. Amillenialist was back with a new handle, but otherwise it was like old times over there with that guy riling up everybody with his “condemn the sodomites” routine, and this time Nobs himself even joined in the fun. It’s up to 81 comments now.

      The Cadre is so fond of accusing others of homophobia (sometimes rightly, I’ll admit), I was disappointed to see that you, Thai, Yoda, the Count, and that whole Sweet Pickles bus crew of yours, did not wade in.

      • Cheap seats

        They don’t go to any UCLA websites nor do they even know how to get to the campus.

      • Jethro G Sabbath

        That would require Bucket to be consistent and to avoid hypocrisy – something he has never been able to manage.

      • Charles Bucket

        thanks for the tip, WEB, the Cadre immediately moved in and restored order!! gawd i HATE homophobes!!!

        but did you notice the Bruins swarmed all over the bigot and whoooped his a$$??? my PEEPS!!!!

        around here homophobic rants appear in practically EVERY string, with nary a PEEEP of protest from trOXans!!! ‘Nuff SAID!!!

        • WEB_Dupree

          Bucket, here are what I would call the Five Stages of Reading Wolf’s Blog & Comment Threads:

          1. Astonishment that such vulgar, profane, offensive posts are even tolerated by the Daily News;
          2. Attempts to tell the homophobes, etc., to clean up their act or leave;
          3. Bargaining;

          4. Resignation to the fact that this place will never get any better; and finally

          5. Abandoning this blog to seek better USC info elsewhere.

          Some people reach step 5 very quickly, while some of us step outside these five stages and just enjoy the trashy show.

  • Spedjones

    Haha, I love how no Trogies come here to argue this issue. Perhaps even they are recognizing that they’re yesterday’s news (or, more accurately, last decade’s news).

    • trojan4life

      Who cares about UCLA. You ended the season with three pathetic losses in a row. Where does the optimism come from? you lost your starting running back!

      • ThaiMex

        Dear Stat Guy (torment4life)….remind all of us again, how did the Torgans finish up over the last FIVE GAMES of last season? Is it Mora or Goat Boy that is ON THE HOT SEAT because of last year?
        Real torgans only see the world in two colors…..Mustard and Catsup
        fit on to 5 & 8 !!!!!

    • Michael Link

      Some of us have lives, occupations, families and other interests that actually keep us busy, happy, and fulfilled. How about the two stand out “trolls” on this blog that spend their lives obsessed with USC. What losers you are…see ^^