Not Everyone Thinks QB Derby Is Still Going

Athlon lists Cody Kessler as the 7th-best QB in the Pac-12 today even though he is not officially the starting quarterback yet. Here’s their list:

Here’s how they rank the QBs:

  1. Marcus Mariota, Oregon
  2. Brett Hundley, UCLA
  3. Taylor Kelly, Arizona State
  4. Keith Price, Washington
  5. Kevin Hogan, Stanford
  6. Sean Mannion, Oregon State
  7. Cody Kessler, USC
  8. Connor Halliday, Washington State
  9. Zach Kline, California
  10. Travis Wilson, Utah
  11. B.J. Denker, Arizona
  12. Nick Hirschman, Colorado
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  • sugar SUH-WEEEEEET!!!

    Hundley has already led several 4th Qtr comecbacks, TWO of them with final drives for the win!!! or was it three??

    this is something the Pious Passer din’t do in FOUR FULL SEASONS!!

    • Who was ucla’s last qb to win an outright national championship? Don’t strain your brain to much chuckles, the list is very short, kinda like your pud.

      • TrojanFan

        Wow!….Looks like bucket just took a punch to the groin. Nice job Ben!

        PS….bruinrod said the “pud” has a strong resemblance to a pimple

      • UCLA, and their only NC, was lead by a tailback.

        • TrojanFan

          Was that back in the “leather helmet” era?

      • Spedjones

        Love it! No longer talking about today because, well, today SUCks for Trojie fans.

        • TrojanFan

          USC is still more relevant in the landscape of college football than UCLA, it’s a fact, deal with it

          Must suck to walk in the foot steps of big brother for decades. One season will not diminish the success USC has had over UCLA

        • ThaiMex

          Sped….excellent point. That’s why it is referred to as “YESTERDAY U”. Last Years #1 to UN (and having a Head coach who is a complete FOOL) pretty much sealed SUCks reputation as the premier joke in college football. Ahhh…..who could forget the entire “UNFINISHED BUSINESS” coupled with #1 to UN-ranked……the biggest collapse/disappointment in the HISTORY of College Football!!!!!!
          fit on (to 5 & 8) torgans!

          • TrojanFan

            LAME!……Same post from Tuesday and Friday.

          • ThaiMex

            Nubsie….is that You? Maybe he’s just Nubsie by “INJECTION”. Nothing would surprise me coming from you QUEER Torgans!

            fit on (5 & 8 is gonna be great!) Torgans

  • gotroy22

    I would have though Kevin Hogan would have been ranked higher after leading Stanford to the Pac 12 championship over Mariota’s Ducks.

  • Cheap seats

    As much as I like the kid Hundley, I think he has a good chance of throwing more picks this year and going through some stretches of struggles.

    Even another year in Mazzone’s system can’t offset the tougher schedule, loss of Jonathan Franklin, loss of his #1 3rd down target (Faria), 2 freshman on the oline, and teams having more tape on him and the offense.

  • Got to think that Kessler (and Wittek) were recruited higher than most or all of these QBs. Since the others are either older, or on weaker programs, they haven’t had an opportunity to play yet. I live in Arizona, and Hundley was also recruited by Washington. I like him, but I wonder why SC didn’t recruit him in favor of Kessler and Wittek.

    • TrojanFan

      Must of been character issues, I’m sure bucket will troll in with some lame a$$ answer