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These were my final QB rankings for the spring:

Cody Kessler €€€€

Max Wittek €€€.5

Max Browne €€€

I do not begrudge Lane Kiffin for delaying a decision because he wants another month to watch the quarterbacks practice  (see we do agree sometimes). But it is interesting that Pete Carroll thought one of his best decisions was naming Matt Leinart a starter in spring practice because he thought Leinart took off after that.

Now Leinart was a fairly insecure person at the time so maybe it was just beneficial to him. But Carroll thought making an early decision made a difference because it sent a message to the QB and the team.

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  • Lienert never really had the Eye of the Tiger, but he was tough in the clutch at the college level….something the Pious Passer was NOT.

    and Pious had (not arguably) the BEST corps of receivers during his tenure than any other trOXan in history, which saying a lot given Keyshawn, Williams, etc….

    and finally, the Pious Passer NEVER LED A 4TH QTR COMEBACK!!! i can’t stress this enough!!!!

    • Cheap seats

      Does his comeback against Ohio State count? I guess not…

      Search it on YouTube.

      • for the THOUSANDTH time….that game does not count as a comeback for Pious Passer. the wolfman said so. if there is a greater authority on trOXan football than the wolfman, please name who it is……

        i didnt THINK SO!!!!!!


        • Cheap seats


          Seriously, what college did you go to? You know way too much USC football to have been from UCLA. You probably can’t even name 2 players on this year’s Bruin roster without checking Google.

          I still think YOU are Wolf. 😉

    • CheattheSystem

      Leinart had Williams, Jarrett, Smith, Byrd, Holmes, Davis, and Bush in 2004 alone…

      And a MUCH better O-Line!

      • dtksr1

        Amen brother… and damn better coaches too.

        • marvgoux1

          Now better coaching, can’t argue with that. Leinart had Chow.

      • marvgoux1

        Barkley had 5 star talent too. No excuse for choking a preseason #1 in 2012 and letting the Domers make the BCS championship game.

        • I blame that game 100% entirely on the O-line and that goal line stand. No excuse for that performance.

    • dtksr1

      You mean, Kiffin’s called plays never lead a 4th quarter comeback. Get it right if you are going to hang in this website.

    • Golden Trojan

      MB never had a premiere tailback either which why Kiffin was forced to go to air so much.

    • rusoviet

      Hey whitebread – regale us all about ‘the golden one’ Gary Beban – you know the same total of ‘NC’ your favorite team (notice I didn’t say school – I sincerely doubt you went to anything but Cal State ‘whatever’ or U of Phoenix/Keller … then again even a tapitte like you gets the drift on this one huh right whitebread?

      Terry ‘The Pirate’ confirming the pathetic scam of ucla my sucla football…- what is that about huh? Cade McNown gloms on to the cripple parking scam courtesy of those hard working NBA stiffs who were offered the ruse and confirming that such are the laziest of all professional athletes which is what McNown took to is ‘one and done’ with the Bears when ‘Cade’ thought he was back at ucla my sucla parking his fat back end in a DP slot at the Bear training camp.

  • Erndog2q

    If I recall correctly, The decision to go with Lienert was Norm Chow’s decision. They were torn between starting Cassel or Leinert, there was even rumblings that announcing a starter was a stall tactic as they were preparing High School QB J.D. Booty? So, to say that Leinert was the sure QB is simply hindsight. It was a depth chart fix for practice, it just turned out great. Thanks Norm Chow!! Fight on!

    • marvgoux1

      Pete was a great Trojan head coach but his envy of Chow was the downfall of SC football.

      • Ben Factor

        I used to think that regarding Chow, but I’m not as sure anymore. Chow never succeeded too well after USC. I don’t know how well that fits with your analysis.

        I tend toward the theory that Pete Carroll got a little bored and complacent as time went on. He had conquered college football decisively, and he needed a new challenge. That was particularly true because almost his entire background was NFL. He wasn’t a “college football guy,” like Nick Saban. Every year, Carroll interviewed for pro jobs. He was ready to leave for a long time before he actually left.

        I do have a sense that Chow saw clearly what Leinart could and could not do, and constructed his offense that way. However, there is little doubt that Chow had strong players to work with at every offensive position. He owed that to Carroll, who was a natural at recruiting when he applied himself, and equally natural at injecting “recruit appeal” into his program (celebrities roaming the sidelines, practical jokes, etc.). Plus, Chow’s players were generally not freshmen or otherwise inexperienced; they were prepared to perform (including the few inexperienced players who actually played). When Carroll came to USC, he badly needed a success–and he created one in spades. Timing is everything.

  • steveg

    These are the FINAL rankings? Good, I have been waiting months for you to finally come out with your FINAL QB rankings, now we can proceed into the fall with that FINALLY settled. Whew!!

  • steveg

    I HATE to respond to bucket. So screw it I won’t, you other guys chewed him a new one already.

    • Fucket have an upvote.

  • rusoviet

    Leinart had the best duo running backs in college football – Reggie Bush and Lendale White – that allowed him to make the defense wonder what the next play Chow would call and, invariably, they had no idea.

    As to Carroll determining that was the smart move – well it worked re. Leinart but that was because a skilled OC was able to mold Leinart – w. Barkley he got Carroll’s blessing and Kiffin chose to stick with it mind you w.o. any semblance of a decent ‘rb’ for USC.

    As to the limousine liberals over at bel-air tech – when such actually win a Pac-12 football championship ga,e let all know n the meantime go worship @ ‘jonnie’s’ commode and while you’re at it sign up to be one of ‘vin ‘dawg chevrolet’ scully’s spear carriers….hachachachachacha…vin dawg chevrolet