Will Lane Kiffin Follow Brian (Not Chip) Kelly And Give Up Playcalling?

Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly recently said he would allow offensive coordinator Chuck  Martin to call plays next season. Will this influence USC coach Lane Kiffin?

Kiffin always followed the lead of ex-Oregon coach Chip Kelly (morning practices, loud shoes, no injury reports) but he also contacted Brian Kelly to find out about the Sun Bowl (OK, that didn’t work out too well).

But considering Brian Kelly won at Cincinnati and took Notre Dame to the BCS title game while Kiffin’s . . . . maybe it will convince Kiffin to also give up playcalling. Maybe not.

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  • gotroy22

    He should talk to John Robinson, who always delegated playcalling.

    • Not always. He told Hackett to run the F’ing football on the last drive in the 1980 RB or he would fire him.

  • Can Lanie think for himself ? Can he be his own man ? Can he carve his own niche ? Head coaches lead, they don’t follow.

  • rusoviet

    Well then how about asking ifTom Hoffarth is willing to take over this coverage Scott because frankly Wolf, unlike you, Hoffarth is very skilled at shotgunning as well as praising all.

    • Cheap seats

      Touche’ =)

  • betomas

    How’s the Cal Poly SLO Mustang team’s spring practice going, TFail/BandwagonFan? Is the Head Coach of the Cal Poly SLO Mustang team delegating play calling duties to his OC, or is he “busting a Lane” and calling them himself? How is the Cal Poly SLO Mustang’s campus, TFail? Anything like USC, since you seem to know so much about both campuses? Thank you.