Some SEC Spring Attendances

Earlier this week we mentioned Kentucky drew 51,000 for its spring game. Here’s some figures from Saturday’s spring games:

Auburn 87,000

Alabama 78,000

Tennessee 61,000

Arkansas 51,000

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  • Cheap seats

    LMAO!!! Keep on trolling your own blog. =)

    Scott – Outside of your obvious attempts to stir things up with USC fans and try to imply that USC doesn’t draw crowds, why don’t you show the RELEVANT stats like what the PAC-12 attendance numbers were for the other schools?

    Obviously, the rural areas will draw more fans compared the good weather metro areas. Oregon will draw more fans even when they have a sub-500 team.

    The BEST comparison is to compare the number that the crosstown rival has next weekend. Keep in mind that UCLA does NOT charge admission for their event and they will end up with an almost identical attendance number.

    • Ben Factor

      Do you really think Scott’s trying to criticize the fans?

      I think he’s just showing how rabid the SEC is.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if he later used that fact to explain why Kiffin should recruit more in CA, since it’s tough to pull Southeastern kids away from the fanatic popularity of the local teams.

      • Cheap seats

        Given Scott’s track record on “stirring the pot” rather than providing informative posts about USC football that can’t be found elsewhere, are you really giving him the benefit of the doubt? It’s not like this is eye opening about the SEC.

        • Ben Factor

          It’s easy to forget that Scott gets paid to make five or more blog entries per day. I don’t envy him. After a while, what do you write? IMHO, USC football doesn’t move that fast I think that the blog format encourages Scott to belabor the same points.

          Strewn amidst the repetition, I think Scott has some good insights and observations. You may think I’m too easily impressed. 🙂 I’m not going to argue with you that these attendance figures fall in the repetition category, not the good insight category.

          My real criticism of Scott is his failure to follow up his ideas with research, and telephone calls to the staff to confirm rumors or check out his ideas.

          • Cheap seats

            Unfortunately, his “good insights” a very few and far in between. I honestly don’t remember when was the last time he’s given me any insight with his access “behind the curtain” with the program.

            I do hear his voice at the press conferences, but I have to wonder if he’s at the practices at all.

            Here’s the bottom line: Troll your own blog and it will attract trolls. Write good football content and the discussions will actually result in football discussions.

            I think the results speak for themselves.

    • But SC did not hand out Deli coupons to fans


    I went to each spring game from 2003-2010 and attendance seemed about the same as it is now. Sorry Wolf, but the team’s success doesn’t seem to really affect the spring game attendance at USC.

  • LamontRaymond

    There’s absolutely NOthing going on down there in those parts – we’ve got Angles, Dodgers, Lakers, Clippers, Kings, Ducks, etc. sharing our time. Plus, this game was on the Pac-12 Network. Why bother sitting out in the sun for a “scrimmage” without tackling? Doesn’t prove that SC’s fans are any less enthusiastic than those in the SEC.

    • Ben Factor

      I think you undercut your own conclusion. Because there are many teams to root for in L.A., and so many non-sports activities, aren’t the fans in L.A. prone to be less devoted to a college football program? I imagine that in Tuscaloosa, they WOULD sit out in the sun (or rain, snow, or sleet) to watch their team, even without tackling.

      • LamontRaymond

        Good point – let me clarify – when there are games, we show up. But for practices & scrimmages? We’ve got other actual games to attend. And I don’t blame those southern bergs for not having pro teams, but we’ve got them. And we support them fiercely as well as our beloved Trojans.

    • Breaking News: There’s fun things to do in Southern California.

      In related news, Scott wolf isn’t actually a reputable journalist.

  • betomas

    TrojanFail says he ♥s CAL POLY’S MUSTANGS.

    Happy birthday, TFail, you good ol’ trolling BandwagonFan you!! We love you! We don’t ever want you to lose your record of most posts on this site. Love ya!

  • dtksr1

    Sure it would be nice to have 90,000 at the spring football game if it meant anything. but it doesn’t. There are too many other things going on that are more important than a scrimmage game that is totally controlled by the coaching staff. Another thing, because you better win if you want a full house at your games, means just that. Those other SEC programs will schedule Northwest Southeastern Tech and charge the regular price. No thank you…