Winners And Losers Of The Week


Cody Kessler

Certainly has the fans’ support to be starter. But only Lane Kiffin’s vote counts.

USC women’s tennis

Wins Pac-12 title with 10-0 record and defeats UCLA.

Marqise Lee

Should compete in USC-UCLA dual track meet this weekend.

USC football

No one got injured this week.


USC baseball

Another lost season as Trojans now 15-23 enterting today’s game at Utah.

USC women’s basketball press conference

If you watched the video of Cynthia Cooper’s press conference, you could not hear a single question, which made it frustrating to hear only one side of conversation.

Matt Barkley

Currently projected for second round in NFL draft. Will a team be unable to resist him in last part of first round?


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  • any team who takes the Pious Passer any earlier than the 3rd round is wasting a pick.

    as Jim Mora says, in the NFL, they measure 4TH QTR COMEBACKS!!!!

    and lets face it, Pious Passer is like Tim Tee-blow without the “winning” part!!!

    no one wants either of them around, but at least Tee-Blow can finish a game like a man!!!

    andale, CHUCKER, es en FUEGO, hombre!!!
    (oh CHUCKER, you’re on FIRE, man!!!)

    • TrojanFan

      Get some new material. We get the same shlt out of you post after post. What motivates you to be such a 8===D?

  • TrojanFamily

    Must be the first time in history a kid is preparing to be an NFL first round pick and he’s called a loser. Even if he goes in the second,he stands to make a lot of money to play a game. He might be as big a winner as we thought he could be coming out of high school, but to call him a loser (or shameless ridicule his religious conviction) says a lot more about you than it does about him.