New Rose Bowl Logo Unveiled

The Rose Bowl unveiled its new logo to commemorate the 100th Rose Bowl Game. This fall there will be a 100th Rose Bowl Game commemorative book released that was commissioned by the Tournament of Roses on the history of the game.

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  • dtksr1

    USC used to own the Rose Bowl. I guess you could use the sanctions as an excuse for not playing in the 100th game if your head coach isn’t competent overcoming 10-15 extra players standing on the sidelines during the games…. Haden could have had a new head coach in here if he really wanted to win badly enough.

    • Golden Trojan

      If you don’t think Haden hasn’t tested the waters for a new HFC you really under estimate the guy. With sanctions and Kiffin’s second year record, Haden had to give Kiffin one more year to turn it around. Haden will have many more choices to replace Kiffin next year. I believe we will have to suffer a mediocre season and in a year we’ll have a new head coach who is the complete package.

      • gotroy22

        No offense Golden, but how could Ohio State get Urban Meyer, arguably one of the Top 5 coaches in college football, to come coach a NCAA sanctioned and national championship ineligible Ohio State team, yet the greatest team in college football has few choices but to put up with an incompetent, abrasive coach for another excruciating season and waste another year as blue chip recruits scatter to the 4 winds?

        • Their sanctions aren’t as bad as ours, and the timing worked out better on their part.

      • dtksr1

        2-out-of-3 ain’t bad in your thinking. I’m still not drinking the kool-aid yet on Haden estimation by what he has done so far…

    • gotroy22

      USC will always be remembered as the dominant team when the Rose Bowl was the premier bowl game in the land and was watched by the entire nation New Years Day. But that era is officially over now. Unfortunately the bumbling Pac 10 Commissioner Tom Hansen was conned by the SEC to give our priceless tradition and prestige away for thirty pieces of silver and now the Rose Bowl has been reduced to a semifinal playoff game. How soon until fans come to their senses and realize that the game has no tradition and stay home to watch in the comfort of their own climate controlled homes where there are no lines for beer, food and the bathrooms, no risk of terrorism or violent Raider Fan and no 2+ hour traffic jams after the game?